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In the modern world, every human on the planet was turned into stone after a mysterious flash of light. This manga tells the story of how some people from the Pre-Petrification World try to rebuild civilization in the Petrification Age, the Stone World.

Dr. Stone is a Japanese manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by the South Korean artist Boichi. It has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since March 2017, with the individual chapters collected and published by Shueisha into twenty tankōbon volumes as of April 2021.

When is the release is Dr Stone Season 3?

The offical website of reports that Season 3 “may debut” exactly a year after the final episode of Season 2 and fans can expect Season 3 to release around April 2022.

The anime adaptation of Dr Stone Season 2 stopped at the Chapter 83 of manga and still has a long way to catch up from its original source.

What to look for upcoming seasons of Dr Stone?

Despite of having already a two seasons, Dr Stone is still has a countless of scientific adventures that waiting for us in the near future and numbers of characters that haven’t introduce yet so far.

Here is the top things you need to expect for upcoming seasons of Dr. Stone

Dr stone season 3

1. Senku’s Drone

Drone dr stone season 3

Senku built a drone with the help Kaseki’s craftsmanship and subordinates for them to steal the petrification weapon from Ibarra, the weapon that can make someone into stone.

This amazing drone was built only with providable materials like motors, propellers, magnets, plastics, controller, iron, wire, feathers, bamboo and of course last but not the least, the science wisdom.

2. The 5 Generals

Five generals dr stone season 3

Senku is responsible for keeping people from moving further towards the scientific civilization. As time goes by, Senku’s team is slowly getting bigger and bigger and he cannot handle it on his own.

To manage all the responsibilities, They assigned brilliant leaders that have different strengths and guide everyone to new civilization.

Senku, Gen, Chrome, Ukyo and especially Ryusui Nanami, who haven’t revive yet are the brains of Kingdom of Science in the new world.

3. Senku’s Teacher

Xeno wingfield dr stone season 3

NASA’s scientist, Xeno Wingfield that looked after Senku and taught him a lot about scientific understandings. His knowledge has a lot of influence to Senku owing to the fact that he was the one that guided Senku’s doubts when no one can.

He was indeed smart as Senku or much more because of his experienced than Senku but as time goes by, their perspectives was getting differ and differ especially in the Stone Age where they both especially survived.

Will he become his friend that will help each others out? or an enemy that will fight with every science knowledge they have?

4. Xeno’s Group vs Kingdom of Science

Xeno vs senku dr stone season 3

Xeno’s team vs Kingdom of Science led by Senku might be the bloodiest event in the whole series.

After having a different perspectives, Xeno’s group had no choice but to get rid of Senku as he’s the one responsible for leading them.

Xeno’s planned was to dictate the world furthermore to become the ruler through scientific knowledge he possess. Xeno built guns, armors, airplanes and any other weaponry to make everyone kneel before him.

5. Motorcycle

Motorcycle dr stone season 3

Having an enemy that has same brain with Senku, confrontation might be bloody against enemy with firearms.

In order to protect themselves from Xeno’ troop, they built a motorcycle and to move quicker especially in dessert location.

6. Perseus Ship

Perseus ship dr stone season 3

With Senku’s genius mind, you might be wondering if there is anything he can’t build. Having over 10,000 kilometers journey, they need a craft that will very much useful to them.

They built a ship that will be their vessel that cost them 2 whole years to built for having a long expectation to America where the materials they needed lies.

7. Petrification Weapon

Petrification Weapon dr stone season 3

The mysterious thing that started it all, the petrification weapon that can make someone turn into stone.

A responsible for Stone World that changed everything on Earth has been introduced. Looks like some kind of wedding ring, isn’t? Where did it came from?

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8. Kohaku’s Kiss

Kohaku kiss senku dr stone season 3

Dr Stone isn’t a typical romance but a science adventure. Having many fans shipping Kohaku to Senku, this might be a good scenario.

This shocking moment was to hide to meaning of “Lab” that was shouted by Kohaku. She did it to hide the fact that she said “Lab” as ‘Laboratory’ to make it look like a word ‘Love’ and kissed him to proved it.

9. New America City Arc

New america city arc dr stone season 3

As the new adventure began, Kingdom of Science must sail to America from Japan for a certain answers and certain resources they needed.

Senku and his science team must go to America in order to establish a corn city that they needed for a particular experimentation but the long journey won’t be that easy.

10. Moon

Moon travel dr stone season 3

Who wouldn’t curious on who was the responsible for petrifying the entire planet that might even surpassed science.

The culprit from petrifying the whole humanity is resting on the Earth’s moon based on what Senku’s calculation therefore they must go to the moon.

How do you think they will build a spaceship in Stone World?

11. Appearance of Whyman

Whyman dr stone season 3

The mysterious sounds that called them and said “WhyWhyWhy?!?” through radio waves that sounds too creepy..

According to Senku this might be the person on the moon responsible for petrifying the Earth and question then on how they survive.

Yet it is still unkown.

12. Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon dr stone season 3

Running a ship won’t be possible without an oil just like any other transportation in our contemporary world.

Because of this Kingdom of Science built a hot air balloon for finding an oil midair and at the same time for making a map that they can use on land.

13. Aircraft

Aircraft dr stone season 3

Xeno being smart as Senku, confrontation will be decided by science. Senku who wants to bring back the lost civilization, and Xeno who wants to be the on the top of new world.

Xeno was the one who built the aircraft but was destroyed by Senku during Xeno’s team attack and Senku was managed to steal it from them and repaired it. They had an aircraft war between Xeno’s right hand man vs Senku’s pilot.

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