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Attack on Titan is anime full of actions and thrill yet cruel but love by many fans. The story revolves around Eren Yeager, the protagonist of the story who has hatred against titan that prevent the humanity from moving forward and achieving the freedom from titans they desire.

As the battle between the Titans and the humans continues, Eren uncovers a secret that leaves the entire regiment confused. They must unravel its mystery and find a way to stop the Titans.

Initial release: 19 September 2015 (Japan)

DirectorShinji Higuchi

Film seriesAttack on Titan

Story byHajime Isayama

as one of the most best anticipating anime of all time..

Here is the Best Battle in Attack on Titan…

10. Female Titan vs Attack Titan

Eren vs Female Titan

Who would forget the first battle of Titan Shifters in Attack on Titan that caused countless of deaths. Having a devastating confrontation of two titans who has gigantic size, massacre was assured.

This confrontation happened inside and outside the walls where the identity of Female Titan was discovered, which was Annie Leonhart.

Eren vs Female Titan

Annie Leonhart was part of Military Police and was joined the military same year as Eren, that’s why having her as the Female Titan was a huge revelation.

Through this battle, one uncertain information was revealed, that there’s titans inside the walls which supposed to save them from inhumane titans.

Titans inside the walls

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9. Eren and Mikasa vs Intruders

Mikasa save Eren

One of the cruelest moment in Attack on Titan was the death of Mikasa’s parents. Seeing your parents died in front of you was too inhumane, not just for Mikasa but also for everyone that made it too pitiless.

Eren and Mikasa weren’t known each other long ago, despite of that, Mikasa had been preoccupied by Eren ever since he was the first friend she ever had.

Perceiving Eren was in danger, Mikasa’s ‘power’ which because of her Ackerman bloodline was awakened causing her to have courage and have tremendous strength.

mikasa ackerman

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8. Erwin and Miche vs Levi

Levi vs Erwin

Attack on Titan doesn’t just revolves around man-eating titans that wandering outside the walls but also like the reality in real life.

Levi grew underground where most people were starved to death or not even seeing the sun in their whole life. Being in poverty, Levi was a criminal and do that for the sake of living.

Because of being a good fighter that was trained by a very young age, Levi is indeed strong person that he was even mastered the 3D maneuver gear on his own in underground without proper training along with his accomplice.

Levi Ackerman

Being a skilled criminal, Military Police can’t capture Levi that’s why Survey Corps were the one take charged capturing him which Erwin Smith appeared.

Survey Corps is the most strongest military in the series even when it comes to killing titans or using the maneuver gears.

Erwin and Levi first confrontation along with Miche may not friendly but Erwin decided to recruit him and work for Survey Corps for having an extraordinary skill that will help the humanity against titans.

Levi Ackerman

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7. Armored Titan vs Attack Titan

Reiner vs Eren

Reiner and Bertholdt’s betrayal has a lot of impact to the story owing to the fact that they were the one responsible for destroying the walls that started the story including Annie long ago causing a lot of deaths including Eren’s mom, Carla Yeager.

Eren’s hatred against titans got deeper when her mother died in front of his eyes, that’s why he promised to himself that he will annihilate all of the titans in his own hands.

Bertholdt and Reiner attempted to convinced Eren to come with them to their true Motherland after they reveal themselves as Armored Titan and Colossal Titan that destroyed the walls back then. Having a revelations like that, Mikasa had no choice but to kill both of them but unfortunately they transformed into titans that made them survived.

Reiner and Bertholdt's revelation

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6. Levi vs Beast Titan

Levi Ackerman was a part of Survey Corps that explore outside the wall and responsible for direct confrontation to titans.

As we all know, Levi is the strongest soldier that humanity ever have that’s why even Bertholdt and Reiner were so afraid of him.

Zeke Yeager

During the brutal battle upon retaking Wall Maria, Zeke Yeager, one of the titan shifters are there to stop them. As the situation got worst because of Beast Titan throwing stones against the soldiers that caused of countless deaths, Levi was the only person can confront him.

While Beast Titan was distracted by upcoming soldiers, Levi attacked him with all his might to take him down holding on Erwin’s last order, which was to kill the Beast Titan.

Levi vs Beast Titan

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5. Levi vs Kenny Ackerman

Levi Ackerman

Having two Ackermans who has the strongest bloodline fought in the series was one of the remarkable moments in Attack on Titan.

Kenny Ackerman was the one trained Levi to become a fighter and adopted him when his mother died. For a certain reason, Kenny abandoned him and made Levi questioned his leaving without him knowing.

After a long years of not seeing each other, Kenny tried to kill Levi for being an obstacle resulting of their bloody confrontation.

Levi Ackerman

Kenny being one of the captains in Military Police had many underlings that he can order to kill Levi along his side.

Through this brutal action of Kenny, two soldiers along side with Hange died and Levi has no choice but to escape from upcoming soldiers to take him down.

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4. Beast Titan, Armored Titan and Colossal Titan vs Survey Corps

Beast Titan

One of the bloodiest moments in the series was the operation to retake the Wall Maria that was led by Erwin Smith.

Having an army of titans as enemy because of Beast Titan’s ability, Survey Corps was in the toughest situation.

This confrontation took a 7 episodes of the Season 3 part 2 of the series where a lot of scenes had happened such as Survey Corps were almost wipe out by Beast Titan, the Basement, the titan serum and many things that will definitely thrilled us.

Survey Corps

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3. War Hammer Titan vs Attack Titan

Eren vs War Hammer Titan

When Eren made a havoc on Marleyan’s Motherland, the first enemy that faced him was the War Hammer Titan.

According to its power, it may be possible that War Hammer Titan is the second strongest titan after the Founding Titan. Having an ability to create things through its hardened flesh, it is possible for War Hammer Titan to beat even the Collosal Titan unless it won’t explode.

Despite of being a War Hammer Titan, Eren having an numerous experienced fighting, War Hammer’s victory isn’t assured.

Eren vs War Hammer Titan

If Eren’s battle against War Hammer Titan is one on one, Eren had a chance to win without the help of Survey Corps but having warriors possess abiliy to turn into titan, that may be a different scenario.

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2. Levi vs Beast Titan Part 2

Levi Ackerman

No one can forget the confrontation of Beast Titan and Levi during the operation retaking Wall Maria that caused of countless deaths.

Zeke after betraying Marleyans had been transported to Levi to take in charge of him. Little did Levi know, the wine that soldiers all had drink has Beast Titan’s spinal fluid that will definitely turn into titan whoever will drink that liquid.

When Zeke tried to escape by turning all soldiers into his titans, unfortunately for him, Levi was not one of them.

Levi Ackerman

As for Zeke whose plan was failed, he had no other choice but to fight him head on. In spite of everything he did especially turning all his allies into titans which supposed to guard him, he still have a long ways to overwhelm the strongest soldier humanity have ever had.

Levi Ackerman

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1. Marleyans vs Survey Corps

Eren Yeager

Ever since Eren’s perspective had changed, he doesn’t care now about others even if innumerable of deaths are result of his actions. Eren even travelled into enemies’s motherland in order to fulfill his declaration and plans for Marley that started all the deaths in the peaceful lives of Eldians back then.

When Eren declared a war against Marleyans when he went there, he was prepared to fight titan shifters along with Marleyan’s soldiers for the sake of revenge and the freedom he desires.

Thinking about moving forward, he involved the Survey Corps to his unjustifiable confrontation against Marleyans that caused of many deaths.

Survey Corps

This was the first time that the two races, Eldians and Marleyans confronted each other but in bloody and cruel way because of Eren’s unreasonable declaration of war against Marley. Survey Corps had no choice but to follow Eren because they cannot afford to lose him in view of the fact that Founding Titan’s powers Eren was possessed was in danger that can either save or doom the whole humanity.

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