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As the battle between the Titans and the humans continues, Eren uncovers a secret that leaves the entire regiment confused. They must unravel its mystery and find a way to stop the Titans.

Initial release: 19 September 2015 (Japan)

DirectorShinji Higuchi

Film seriesAttack on Titan

Story byHajime Isayama

Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama is one of the most best anime series that love by many fans that made us thrilled and cry at the same time.

As one of the most anticipating best anime series of all time…

Here is the top 10 most depressing scenes in Attack on Titan

10. Carla Yeager’s Death

Anime: Season 1 Episode 1

Manga: Chapter 2

Carla Yeager is one of the most important character in Attack on Titan which is the mother of the protagonist of the series, Eren Yeager.

She was the second wife of late Grisha Yeager, the predecessor of Attack Titan that was later on passed down to Eren. She was very strict yet caring that she was even opposed when Eren wanted to be part of Survey Corps, which is the branch of the military most actively involved in direct titan combat, titan study, human expansion, and outside exploration.

The worst part of her death was that she died in front of Eren and Mikasa after when half of her body was stuck and made her unable to move. Carla’s death led to Eren ‘s hatred much deeper against titans that stop them from moving forward.


9. Levi Squad’s Death

saddest moment in attack on titan
saddest moment in attack on titan
saddest moment in attack on titan
saddest moment in attack on titan

Anime: Season 1 Episode 21

Manga: Chapter 28

Who would have forget the inhumane death of Levi’s Squad after the confrontation to Female Titan. This shocking event is one of the most depressing death in Attack on Titan not just for us and Eren but most for Levi that leads them.

Petra, Olou, Eld and Gunther, members of Levi’ Squad died protecting Eren from Female Titan.

What worst was that Levi’s confrontation to Petra’s family knowing that Levi will protect them at all cost but he failed.


8. Mikasa’s Parents Murder

Anime: Season 1 Episode 6

Manga: Chapter 6

When we heard Attack on Titan, the first thing that comes in our minds is man-eating titans that lurking outside the walls that causes death of many victims.

The cruel world of Attack on Titan doesn’t just revolves around titans but also like the cruelty in real life. One of the few deaths in Attack on titan that doesn’t cause by titans was from Mikasa’s parents that was murdered without mercy.

What worst is that they were murdered in front of Mikasa furthermore Mikasa’s mother was pregnant at that time.


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7. Survey Corps Annihilation

Anime: Season 3 Episode 18

Manga: Chapter 80

This scene led by Erwin Smith, the commander of Survey Corps is one of the best battle yet most bloody because of the fact that countless of soldiers had died against the Beast Titan and can’t do anything except for distracting him for incoming Levi Ackerman.

Every soldiers had decided to sacrificed their lives in order for Levi to kill Beast Titan also they don’t have a choice but to fight or die for nothing in humanity.


6. Erwin Smith’s Death

Anime: Season 3 Episode 18

Manga: Chapter 84

As respected by many soldiers, Erwin Smith, the commander of Survey Corps fight until the end against the Beast Titan upon retaking the Wall Maria.

Erwin Smith was not just a dignified soldier but also one of the most smartest character in Attack on Titan that indeed suitable for being a leader.

Erwin’s death was one of the depressing death in Attack on Titan because after his death, the answers that he was seeking about titans were answered and enlightened time over time. Just imagine if Erwin was still alive, what decision will he make?


5.Sasha Braus’s Death

Anime: Season 4 Episode 8

Manga: Chapter 105

Sasha was one of the supporting character in Attack on Titan that love by many fans because of her cheerful and funny side.

During the fight in Marleyan’s motherland, Gabi Braun, one of the supporting character shot Sasha randomly that cause of her death.

Sasha’s death was one of the unexpected death in Attack on Titan because she was shot randomly by a Marleyan Warrior out of revenge. Her death really hit the fans to the heart. Sasha’s last word was “Meat” that really symbolize of what she love.


4. Eren vs Armin

Anime: Season 4 Episode 14

Manga: Chapter 112

Yes, characters death from Attack on Titan hits really hard for fans but have you seen the best friend since childhood fought each other?

Armin and Eren was known for being a friend by everyone since they were a child including Mikasa.

saddest moment in attack on titan

During this scene, Armin tried to stop Eren from abusing Mikasa through hurtful words that made him mad.

It is out of character for Armin to fight but because of circumstances that Eren had made, it so heartbreaking seeing people that were close together for a long time, separated because of betrayal.


3. Hange Zoe’s Death

Anime: Pending

Manga: Chapter 132

Hange Zoe was the commander of Survey Corps after Erwin Smith died. She carried a big responsibilities on her back as a commander.

Ever since the first season, Hange Zoe adored my many fans because of her joyful and funny side especially when together by Levi. She was also smart as Erwin especially when it comes to experimenting titans.

When Eren started the rumbling, countless number of people had died. Hange Zoe sacrificed herself to buy Survey Corps a time they needed to escape in exchange of her life, but before that, Hange Zoe passed the title as a new commander of Survey Corps to Armin Arlert.


2. Mikasa’s execution to Eren

Anime: Pending

Manga: Chapter 138

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the best deuteragonist in Attack on Titan. She wasn’t not just physically strongest but emotionally and mentally strong.

Mikasa’s parents were killed when she was a child. She had no choice but to kill someone when was a little to save Eren. She lost a lot of friends because of titan. And mostly the one that save him from despair must kill by one of her own hands yet she’s standing still.

The painful part was that you have no choice but to kill the person you love and the first person that saved you from hopelessness.


1. Eren’s Death

Eren's Death attack on titan

Anime: Pending

Manga: Chapter 139

As Attack on Titan is full of cruelty and inhumanity, nothing beats the death of Eren Yeager, the protagonist of long running series, Attack on Titan.

Eren Yeager, the man who sought freedom, that sacrificed his own freedom for the better world of his family and friends.

Eren Yeager attack on titan

Eren keeps moving forward for the better future that he’s willing to sacrifice himself for the process that cause of his own death.


Eren’s death was the most fascinating part yet most painful because since he was a child, he already forsees that he would die that way because of the power of Attack Titan and Founding Titan he possessed.

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