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Are you looking for MC who is power yet hiding his power?

Then this is for you..

Anime series and even movies are full of interesting plots, ideas, thoughts and imaginations that sometimes piqued our interest with its amazing stories. Dramas, romance, mysteries or such things are commonplace for us to watch that sometimes we can already anticipate what will happen next and because of that, there’s no thrill.

Engrossing anime protagonist with cool personality and calm attitude especially powerful yet hiding his ability wonder us…what will happen if he reveal his abilities?

Because of that…

Here is the Best Anime MC that is OP but Hides it

Lelouch vi Britannia

Best Anime MC that is OP but hides it

Anime: Code Geass

Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Mecha, Adventure

Lelouch vi Britannia is the main character of the series Code Geass by Gorō Taniguchi that was first released on 2006 which amazed a lot of fans by his incredible intellect.

He is also know as Lelouch Lamperouge, whose his allias to hide his identity as son of Charles zi Britannia, the 98th emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire. Lelouch hated his father for all of the things he had done especially to his little sister, Nunnally vi Britannia. Because of his father, Nunnally’s ability to see had been taken from her by the power of his father.

Having hatred against his father and the discrimination to the world where he live, Lelouch built a terrorist group that has the same ideology as him and take the throne in opposition to his father. Later on, he was known as ‘Zero’ as the leader of Black Knights.

Anime MC That is OP but Hides it


The main lead of Code Geass is Lelouch—a prince of Britannia in hiding in Japan. His goals are simple: He wants to kill his father, the Emperor, for abandoning him and his crippled sister Nunnally after the assassination of their mother. Along the way, he plans to discover the identity of and then kill anyone involved with his mother’s murderer. If he has to overthrow the government of Britannia to do this, so be it.

Watch Trailer Here


Best Anime MC that is OP but hides it

Anime: Seven Deadly Sins

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Meliodas is the protagonist of the series Seven Deadly Sins or also known as Nanatsu no Taizai that was based on manga by Nakaba Suzuki and later on, got an anime adaptation by A-1 Pictures and Studio Deen in Season 3-4.

He was a part of Holy Knights and was one of the strongest to them but for a certain reason, him and the other six deadly sins accused them of murder that caused of their separation.

Because of his overwhelming power, Meliodas chose to save it in the place where anyone is cannot easily get in. He decided to live a normal life with his pet ‘Hawk’ which is a pig and built a bar where anyone can enjoy until one of the princess in the Kingdom of Lioness appeared and sought for his help.

Anime MC That is OP but Hides it


Elizabeth is the adopted daughter of the King Bartra Liones decides to go on an adventure to find those who are able to protect her family. Thankfully, she meets Meliodas, who volunteers to help the princess. As it turns out, Meliodas is the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, known as the Dragon Sin of Wrath.

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Seiya Ryuuguin

Best Anime MC that is OP but hides it

Anime: Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Isekai, Dark Fantasy, Action

Seiya Ryuuguin is the protagonist of the series Cautious Hero where he was transported into different world and have a mission to complete by saving the world in the hands of demons. The series was based on manga series by Light Tuchihi and was adapted an anime by White Fox.

Despite of being new to the world he was transferred, Seiya even surpassed Gods with little amount of time. Powers are determined by power levels which obviously the higher the number, the more powerful you are.

In Seiya’s case, he has the ability to fake his power levels that everyone he confronted thought he was just nothing but a mere human.

Anime MC That is OP but Hides it

Regardless of how powerful he is, Seiya being overly cautious make sure that every enemy he confronted are slaughtered in his own hands.


Ristarte is a novice goddess who is placed in charge of saving the world of Gaeabrande from a Demon Lord by summoning a human hero. An S-class world, Gaeabrande is extremely dangerous, so Ristarte is careful to select a hero who will be able to prevail against the enemies.

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Light Yagami

Best Anime MC that is OP but hides it

Anime: Death Note

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Dark Fantasy, Action

Light Yagami is the protagonist of the series Death Note that will surely amaze everyone who would like to watch it.

He is a living a popular high school life because of his looks and intellect that is far superior than a average student which makes him special. Most people who already watched Death Note concluded that Light Yagami is one of the smartest character in the whole anime universe along with his rival, L.

The series revolves around Light and L or known as L Lawliet through their mind-blowing confrontation that would surely pique your interest.

Having the power to kill anyone by knowing and writing someone’s name in the wicked notebook called ‘Death Note’, death is assured. Light, having his usual student life, picked up the deadly notebook without knowing anything at first until the ‘Grim Reaper’ or known as Shinigami in japanese appeared, which was Ryuk, the owner of the Death Note that started the story.

Despite of having a unbelievable power, Light doesn’t tell anyone about this, instead, he used it to commit countless of crimes to eliminate all sort of criminals he found in news or social media.

Anime MC That is OP but Hides it

Because of this, Light claimed himself as the God of the new world where he has the power achieve it.


Light Yagami is a normal, undistinguished college student — that is, until he discovers an odd notebook lying on the ground. He soon discovers that the notebook has magic powers: If someone’s name is written on it while the writer imagines that person’s face, he or she will die. Intoxicated with his new godlike power, Light kills those he deems unworthy of life. But a mysterious detective known only as L becomes determined to put a stop to his reign.

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Hotarou Oreki

Best Anime MC that is OP but hides it

Anime: Hyouka

Genre: Mystery, Slice of Life

Hotarou Oreki is the protagonist of the series Hyouka that was written by Honobu Yonezawa and was published by Kadokawa Shoten by 2001.

Just like any other school setting anime, Hotarou Oreki wants to live like a normal high school student and don’t want to do exhausting stuff. Before he entered his new school year, her sister, Tomoe Oreki requested for him to join Classic Literature Club in order not to dissolve the club that have been established for a very long years having it a sentiment value to many people.

Regardless of being in a literature group, club members along with Mayaka Ibara, Satoshi Fukube especially Eru Chitanda do outside their particular field which is solving mysteries because of curiosity of the girl that is also the president of the club, Eru Chitanda.

Anime MC That is OP but Hides it

Hotarou, despite of being a genius student by fulfilling Chitanda’s curious by solving mysterious cases along her, hide the fact that he is far average compare to a normal student. Because of his being introverted character, Hotarou often observe people and his surroundings knowing the fact that everything is nonsense for him and exhausting.


 Hyouka centers on Oreki Hotarou and his life in the Classic Literature Club. At first, he was only forced to join by his older sister, who is a graduate of his school and a former member of the club, since it was in danger of being disbanded.

Watch Trailer Here

Natsuki Subaru

Best Anime MC that is OP but hides it

Anime: Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Isekai, Adventure, Thriller

Natsuki Subaru is the protagonist of the series Re:Zero that was based on the light novel written by Tappei Nagatsuki and was illustrated by Shin’ichirō Ōtsuka. Later on, its light novel got an anime adaptation by White Fox that was aired on 2016.

The story started when Subaru transported to another world in the blink of an eye without him knowing. Magic, monsters, demons and such things exist there. Unlike any characters who has unbelievable power that can even kill anyone or rule over the Earth, Subaru has the ability to travel back in time everytime he died. Sounds weak right? But let me finish..

Subaru really has no power but a curse gave by a certain witch. Through his power, he can change the future by killing himself or being killed by someone and go back in time to plan for upcoming circumstances he experienced. No matter how powerful you are, Subaru can literally know what everything will happen in the future and change the outcome he wants by going back in time. He can save anyone who died, he can contradict every strategy his enemy planned and know every information in the future and go back again. But there is one condition, he can tell no one about his curse or else he will die for sure.

Anime MC That is OP but Hides it

His power is a gift and curse at the same time, seeing your love ones died many times in front of your eyes makes you out of your mind just like Subaru’s.


The series tells a story of Natsuki Subaru, a normal young man that lives his normal life in the modern Japan. However, one day, he is summoned to another world. Without knowing the person that summoned him, or the reason for being summoned in the new world, he soon befriends a silver-haired-half-elf girl, Emilia.

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Shigeo Kageyama

best anime mc that is op but hides it

Anime: Mob Psycho 100

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Comedy

Shigeo Kageyama is the protagonist of the series Mob Psycho 100 that was based on Webcomic. The creator of Mob Psycho 100 is the same as the creator of the popular series One Punch Man by ONE that both got an manga adaptation and later on anime adaptation.

Among the all anime characters, Mob or also Shigeo is one of the strongest character that can even destroy an entire planet to the full extent of his ability. Mob possess telekinesis ability that can lift anything with ease also incredible speed, and many other things just by using his mind.

Anime MC That is OP but Hides it

Despite of his immesurable power, Mob desires to live like a normal person and don’t want to use his ability as much as possible unless it is necessary because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone around him.


Shigeo Kageyama is an average middle school boy, nicknamed Mob for lacking a sense of presence. Although he looks like an inconspicuous person, he is in fact a powerful esper with immense psychic power. To keep from losing control of this power, he constantly lives a life under an emotional shackle. In order to help learn how to control his abilities, Mob works as an assistant to con-man Reigen Arataka, a self-proclaimed psychic. Mob wants to live a normal life just like those around him, but a barrage of trouble keeps coming after him. With his suppressed emotions growing inside Mob little by little, his power threatens to break through its limits as he eventually encounters other espers like the Claws.

Watch Trailer Here


Best Anime MC that is OP but hides it

Anime: One Punch Man

Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror

Saitama is the protagonist of the series One Punch Man that was based on Webcomic by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata in manga adaptation.

He is also known as ‘Caped Baldy’ in the Hero Association where he work for fun and to earn money especially to look for someone who can make him use his the full extent of his ability. Despite of having a infinite amount of power, Saitama belong to weakest class of heroes, which is Class-C.

Unlike any characters, Saitama doesn’t typically hiding his powers; it is just no one can see him fighting and when one can see, they will give the credits to other heroes because Saitama doesn’t look like a strong for everyone to do that.

Anime MC That is OP but Hides it


 It tells the story of Saitama, a superhero who can defeat any opponent with a single punch but seeks to find a worthy opponent after growing bored by a lack of challenge due to his overwhelming strength.

Watch Trailer Here

Ayanokojie Kiyotaka

Best Anime MC that is OP but hides it

Anime: Classroom of the Elite

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Slice of Life

Ayanokojie Kiyotaka is the protagonist of the series Classroom of the Elite based on light novel by Syougo Kinugasa and illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose.

The story started when Ayanokojie enrolled in the government owned school that only chosen students have the privilege to enter. Classroom of the elite is not a fantasy series where power exist but only a geniuses students fighting for rankings.

In spite of being a genius, Ayanokojie wanted to live a peaceful life like a ordinary student that he doesn’t have before. Unlike any other students that compete and strategize in order to be on the top, Ayanokojie doesn’t care about everything unless his peace or existence in the school will be affected.

At the age of 15, Ayanokojie possessed the knowledge of a person in his whole lifetime making him far genius among all the students.

The anime of the series doesn’t tackled a lot of details in the light novel because some people said that the anime was produced in order to promote the book, which is the light novel and not to pursue the continuation of anime. Because of that, the true potential of Ayanokojie wasn’t reveal but just a glimpse of his ability in the anime.

Anime MC That is OP but Hides it


Kōdo Ikusei Senior High School is a leading prestigious school with state-of-the-art facilities where nearly 100% of students go on to university or find employment. The students there have the freedom to wear any hairstyle and bring any personal effects they desire. Kōdo Ikusei is a paradise-like school, but the truth is that only the most superior of students receive favorable treatment. Kiyotaka Ayanokōji is a student of D-class, which is where the school dumps its “inferior” students in order to ridicule them. For a certain reason, Kiyotaka was careless on his entrance examination, and was put in D-class. After meeting Suzune Horikita and Kikyō Kushida, two other students in his class, Kiyotaka’s situation begins to change.

Watch Trailer Here

Eren Yeager

Best Anime MC that is OP but hides it

Anime: Attack on Titan

Genre: Action, Thriller, Apocalyptic, Dark Fantasy

Eren Yeager is the protagonist of the anticipating one of the best anime series of all time that is surely love by many fans since 2009 when Hajime Isayama, the creator of the series released its manga.

The world of Attack on Titan revolves around man-eating titans that devour countless of lives outside the walls that caused of many deaths and sacrifices.

Most of soldiers know in the series that Eren possess the Founding Titan, the original titan that can even destroy the world and the Attack Titan that can see the future of the past inheritors. But what they know is deficient from that.

Eren had known when he will die, how he will die, who willdie and who is the one who will kill him since he was a child and chose to hide it that no one knows except for his childhood friend, Armin. Despite of tragic future awaits for Eren, he chose to carry on with it for humanity especially for Mikasa. Eren didn’t hide the fact that he is a powerful titan shifter from everyone from all the fighting moments he experienced from the past.

Anime MC That is OP but Hides it

When Eren kissed the hand of Historia, the Queen of the walls, his Founding Titan’s power had activated seeing the future that could almost wiped out the existence of humanity. For all he had seen, he kept it to himself regardless of how devastating the events he saw because what he saw is truly inevitable.

Eren knowing the true potential of Founding Titan could literally destroy the humanity except for his family and friends in the first place without waiting for the right moment, but he chose to hide it and just keep moving forward on his own leaving anyone even Armin and Mikasa.

Anime MC That is OP but Hides it


Attack on Titan centers on a civilization inside three walls, the last location where humans still live. Over one hundred years ago, humanity was driven to the brink of extinction after the emergence of humanoid giants called Titans, who attack and eat humans on sight.

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