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The manga series ‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ is one of the best romance comedy series out there since it first released which love by a lot of fans.

The series was written and illustrated by Tomohito Oda since 2016 and still counting. It has now a number of 21 Volumes which is being published by Shogakukan.

It has 300+ chapters in the manga series yet some its are just short to the way that chapters sometimes has less than 10 pages. In spite of that, it is extremely popular among readers and still getting a lot of positive feedbacks that pushed the writer to continue the story.

Unlike any other series, one of the protagonist, Komi Shouko has hard time communicating with others which made her difference from any other female protagonist.


Why Komi Can’t Communicate?

Why komi Can't Communicate?

Komi Shouko is the protagonist of the manga series and an upcoming anime series ‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ after it got an anime adaptation by anime studio ‘OLM’, the studio who animate Youkai Watch, Inazuma Eleven, Berserk, and almost all Pokemon series and movies as well.

After Komi Shouko had enrolled in Itan Private High School, one of the well known school in their prefecture, she was often admired by not just her classmates but all of the students on her school knowing that she’s a real beauty. They often called her as ‘Princess’, ‘Queen’ and even ‘God’ by most of the student showing how they captivated truly by Komi in spite of not having an drop of information about her.

Regardless of how admirable and pretty she is, she has a secret that she doesn’t want everyone to know about, that she has a ‘communication disorder’. Despite of how popular she is, Komi suffered from communication disorder making her to have an extreme anxiety as well since she was a kid. Because of this, it affects her life as a student knowing that she couldn’t make even a single friend thinking that everyone hates her, which is sign of anxiety. But everything changed when Komi met Tadano, her first very own friend that guide her for what she is now.

Why komi Can't Communicate?

Everytime someone talks to her, she stare at someone’s eye remembering her mother’s teaching to her to look in the eyes when she is talking to someone yet it has opposite effect. Anyone she look in the eyes often run, kneel, or even faint not because of some sort of power but because students think that only lucky students are allowed to talk and get the attention of Komi. Knowing that she has communication disorder, she often ignored everyone around her knowing that her extreme anxiety approach her when someone’s trying to communicate with her.

Why Komi Can't Comunicate?
Why Komi Can't Communicate?

In spite of the story being imaginary, Komi’s conditions isn’t fictional to the way that it could happen to every people which should avoid.

Komi, as a person who has communication disorder desires only one thing, and that is to have someone who she can called a friend which she doesn’t have before.

Why Komi Can't Communicate?

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