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The series Attack on Titan is one of the expecting best anime of all time knowing the fact of how it became popular not just in Japan but worldwide. Attack on Titan can be considered as one of the most popular anime series along with its inhumane and brutal titans.

Attack on Titan was based from manga series which was written and illutrated none other than Hajime Isayama that became one of the richest manga artist because of huge popularity of Attack on Titan that overwhelmed a lot of manga and anime series on its way since 2009 after its first released.

The story of Attack on Titan is full of amazing and interesting narrations along with its well written characters which made fans thrilled because of this. Attack on Titan isn’t just popular because of how good it is, but especially because of how bloody and cruel its setting which adds flavor to the story.

Eren Yeager, the protagonist of the series yearned for freedom that humanity didn’t have because of existence of inhumane titans. Eren chose to kept moving forward no matter what method he used in order for him especially his friends to achieve freedom even if he sacrifice himself in the process.

After the released of its latest chapter 139, a lot of fans surprised by the tragic end of the story, which Eren died on the hands of Mikasa, the female protagonist and the childhood friend of Eren Yeager.

Because of that…

Here is the 4 Reasons of Why Mikasa Needs to Kill Eren Yeager

4. Ymir was Waiting For Mikasa for 2000 Years

why mikasa needs to kill eren attack on titan final season

The history of titans was passed down by 2000 years which caused countless of deaths to humanity. Ymir Fritz, the one who started it all because of her compelling love to King Fritz regardless of how she was treated by him 2000 years ago.

Ymir was a product of slavery to King Fritz that continued for the last 2000 Years as a cursed that cannot be erased by anyone but everything changed when she met Mikasa. Mikasa was the childhood friend of Eren Yeager who was always there for him no matter what the situations he was in. She was always there to be by his side and protect him at all cost knowing of how Eren had saved her from hopelessness she was in when her parents murdered in front of her eyes.

After all the things Eren and Mikasa had built, Mikasa chose to sacrificed her never-ending love for Eren, which Ymir Fritz didn’t realized for whole 2000 years. Ymir Fritz realized that sacrifices are the key for achieving freedom for her endless love to King Fritz which she saw from Mikasa, who surrendered her feelings for Eren in order for humanity to achieve freedom.

3. She was the Reason Why Eren Executed the Rumbling

why mikasa needs to kill eren attack on titan final season

Remembering when Eren asked Mikasa of what he is to her, Mikasa said “A family.” which Eren had foreseen from the future through the power of Attack Attack and Founding Titan. Just like what he did when Sasha died, Eren asked Connie of what was Sasha’s last word which is “Meat” that made Eren laugh to the way that Connie thought that Eren doesn’t care about her.

Eren had already foreseen a lot of events especially knowing that he possessed Founding and Attack Titan in the series. He did everything he could in order to change the bloodbath that will happen in the near future knowing that he had no choice but to rely on himself through rumbling.

If Mikasa had admitted her feelings for Eren that time, the rumbling won’t definitely happen in order for him to be with Mikasa. But because the opposite did happened, Eren sacrificed himself and made himself a bridge that will bring peace to humanity especially to Mikasa, who was the main reason of Eren’s heartbreaking death. Eren was the one who sacrificed his own freedom, in order for everyone he loves to move forward.


2. Mikasa is the Key for Saving Ymir From her Own Cursed.

why mikasa needs to kill eren attack on titan final season

After the final chapter of Attack on Titan had released, a lot of questions had been answered which surprised a lot of fans thinking that Eren was the main character that would bring freedom to humanity from the cursed of the titans.

Eren had revealed that neither Armin or him that will bring peace to humanity but only Mikasa. Mikasa, the person who was always there for Eren was chosen by Ymir in order to break Ymir from her own cursed. Ever since they were a kid, Ymir was always with Mikasa and not Eren peeking in her mind knowing the fact that Mikasa truly represents her love to the King.

When Mikasa killed Eren with her own hands and surrendered everything especially Eren, Ymir learned to let go as well to the love of her to the King that continued for 2000 years which resulted of killings.

1. She love Eren the Most

why mikasa needs to kill eren attack on titan final season

After the 12-year run of Attack on Titan since 2009, Eren finally stated his true feelings for Mikasa after its released of final chapter 139.

Ever since the beginning, a lot of fans wondered if Eren truly has feelings for Mikasa which was later on answered on final chapter. Ever since Mikasa was a little, Eren was the only person she had after her parents murdered in front of her eyes and Eren was the only one who saved her from hopelessness.

Because of that, Mikasa felt a deep relationship to Eren until his last moment. Knowing that Mikasa was the only person who can give the freedom that humanity longed for 2000 years, Eren and Mikasa sacrificed their own desires for peace which enlightened Ymir to surrender her love to King Fritz. For all the things Eren had done, Eren wasn’t the one who will give freedom but Mikasa who was chosen by Ymir and through Eren’s resolution, Mikasa’s story, and especially Armin’s narration.



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