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The anime series ‘My Hero Academia’ is one of the best anime series since 2016 after its first released by Bones Studio D. The anime was based from manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi that was published by Shueisha on 2014. Along with its incredible artworks, the series ‘My Hero Academia’ is considered as one of the manga series that sold more than 30 million copies worldwide and still rising. The series awarded as 6th Best Selling Manga in 2019, which completely overwhelmed a lot of manga series on its way.

The story revolves around the world full of humans with different powers and abilities which is often called ‘quirk’ for their own term. With quirk, you can do a lot of things that a normal person is incapable to do such as ability to fly, produce fires or even have a the ability to control minds.

Knowing that having a quirk is either good or bad, the world of ‘My Hero Academia’ established a course which is called ‘Hero Association’ where everyone who has a power can become a ‘Hero’ that gives peace to society against those people who used their quirks for villainous deeds, which they often called ‘Villain’.

Midoriya Izuku, the protagonist of the story desires to be a hero that could protect anyone from harm like what the certain person that inspires him to be a Hero, All Might. All Might was the no. 1 Hero that possessed immense amount of power especially his superhuman strength that was far from everyone. Little did they know, All Might could pass down his power for those who is worthy to inherit his power.

Because of the determination and goodwill of Midoriya to help others in spite of being born qurkless, All Might passed his power to him knowing that he will use it for the greater good which started the story.

Here are All Powerful Quirks of Midoriya Izuku

6. Superhuman Strength

All Quirks of Deku My Hero Acedemia

Inherited From: All Might(8th User)

His superhuman strength was passed down to him by Toshinori Yagi or mostly known as ‘All Might’ after he ate his strand of hair in order to inherit his One For All.

Just like All Might, Midoriya inherited his superhuman strength which only few are capable of wielding it knowing that it definitely destroy its wielder’s body after using its destructive power. Midoriya inherited All Might’s powers such as superhuman strength, incredible speed, and fast reflexes. Midoriya couldn’t use the full potential of One For All knowing that it always broke his limbs unlike All Might who has massive physique to handle the massive power of One For All.

At first, Midoriya can only use 5% of its power and became 8% after he went to Gran Torino to master train his power. Midoriya used 100% of its power once when he confronted Chisaki along with Eri that him used full extent of One For All. After a countless of battle he had, he can fully control 45% with ease especially without breaking a bones.

5. Blackwhip

All Quirks of Deku My Hero Acedemia

Inherited From: Lariat(5th User)

The 2nd quirk that Midoriya used was ‘Blackwhip’ during the battle against Class-B unintentionally and not even All Might have an idea about it. Midoriya activated his 2nd quirk after he said” I’ll capture that guy”, which is the main function of ‘Blackwhip’.

Midoriya inherited it from 5th user of One For All, Daigoro Banjo or mostly known as Lariat. Just like the predecessors One For All except All Might, Lariat was killed by All For One when he fought him. Lariat has an overweening attitude yet worthy of One For All.

Blackwhip quirk grants Midoriya a spiderman-like abilities or 3D maneuver gears from attack on titan. But instead of web or cable, it is a powerful whip that could hold numbers of things at once regardless of mass. Whips can come out from every part of his body to the way that he mimic Tsuyu Asui when he released whip from his mouth like a frog.

All Quirks of Deku My Hero Acedemia

Unlike his other quirks, Blackwhip rely on his emotions making the whips in rampage or berserk when he’s in anger or wrath. After a months of training with Endeavor, the current no. 1 hero, Midoriya can now fully control over his Blackwhip unlike his superhuman strength which requires a indestructible body to grasp.

4. Danger Sense

All Quirks of Deku My Hero Acedemia

Inherited From: Hikage Shinomori(4th User)

From the word itself, you can already anticipate one of the six quirks of Midoriya, Danger Sense. This quirk that he inherited from the 4th wielder of One For All is truly useful for not just for saving himself from harm but aslo for others.

Humans only have 5 main senses which is touch, sight, hearing, smell, and especially taste. Unlike any other humans, Midoriya possess 6th sense which allows him to perceive all dangers surrounds him for a certain distance, which is good meant especially for saving.

Deku can save anyone around him as fast as he can knowing that he can sense the upcoming danger just like what he did when he save someone from Muscle Man, a tough villain who can make thousands of muscle fibers around his body. What makes Danger Sense truly reliable is that it works like an alarm clock that wouldn’t stop unless the threat disappeared. Regardless of how dependable it is, it is still has one weakness, which is attacks that is faster than its ability to sense any danger like the speed of sniper bullets that could hit Midoriya in spite of his ability.

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3. Float

All Quirks of Deku My Hero Acedemia

Inherited From: Nana Shimura(7th User)

Unlike his other quirks, Float doesn’t have any destructive or complicated abilities. Through float, Midoriya can levitate and stay himself midair with ease almost similar to flying.

Midoriya inherited it from All Might’s teacher, Nana Shimura which is also the grandmother of Shigaraki, the leader of League of Villains and one of the antagonist of the story.

He used Float during the confrontation against Shigaraki unintentionally just like Blackwhip and Danger Sense which appeared out of nowhere. Along with his Blackwhip, Midoriya bring his enemy midair using Float as one of his technique just like what he did to Shigaraki in order to save everyone from dying.

All Quirks of Deku My Hero Acedemia

2. Smokescreen

All Quirks of Deku My Hero Acedemia

Inherited From: En(6th User)

One of the unique quirks he inherited from past user of One For all is Smokescreen. With the quirk which he inherited from the 6th user, Midoriya grants the ability to produce smoke out of his body similar to Midnight but it is aroma in Midnight’s case that could make anyone fell asleep.

Just like any smokescreen, Midoriya used this in order to hide himself or prepare for his upcoming attack that could surprise his enemy. Like his superhuman strength, emitting a lot of smokescreen could put its wielder in risk. Even though it wasn’t stated on how smokescreens could harm him in the process unlike his superhuman strength, En, the 6th user warned him not to overuse it for a certain reason.

Smokescreen ability still has a lot of uncertainties knowing that he only unlocked it for a short period of time and couldn’t unleash its full potential. In spite of that, Midoriya along with One For All users on his back, he can quickly grasp every quirk he had knowing that unlike before, the heroes who are helping him are the heroes who knows One For All the most, which is its past users.

All Quirks of Deku My Hero Acedemia

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1. Fajin

All Quirks of Deku My Hero Acedemia

Inherited From: — (3rd User)

The quirk that he inherited from the 3rd One For All user was Fa Jin, which allows him to build up kinetic energy for a short period of time and release it like powerful force which gives him a boost in speed of power.

It was first introduce when Midoriya was attempted to assassinate by Lady Nagath, a person known for being a powerful sniper to the way that All For One, the main antagonist of the story acknowledged her capabilities and tried to invite her to his group. Midoriya having a lot of quirk, used Fajin along with his smokescreen to move at a in incredible speed compare to his normal speed.

Through Fa Jin and smokescreen, Midoriya caught Lady Magath by outsmarting her which not everyone is capable of doing especially to her that amazed her by Midoriya’s strategy.

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