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Dabi is one of the antagonist of the series ‘My Hero Academia’ that was based from popular manga series written and illutrated by Kohei Horikoshi.

The story revolves around people with different types of powers or mostly known as ‘Quirk’. Around 80% of human population possess such power and one of them is Dabi.

Dabi’s quirk is called ‘Creamation’, which allows him to control and create his blue fire that exceeds 3000 fahrenheit, far stronger that his father, Endeavor. Regardless of having such a powerful quirk, Dabi for some reasons chose to used it in villainous deeds, which still mystery to a lot of fans.

Here is the Reason Why Dabi Became a Villain

why did Dabi became a villain my hero academia

Dabi’s real name was Toya Todoroki and the eldest son of Enji Todoroki or mostly known as Endeavor. Dabi grew from loveless environment especially from his father after Endeavor realized that it was impossible for Dabi to reach his expectations for having a fragile body.

His mom is an ice user and his father is a fire user yet his quirk isn’t compatible to his body. Dabi inherited his father’s quirk but inherited his mother’s body which limits his fire resistance knowing that the heat of his own fire couldn’t handle by his body. Endeavor was a cruel father back then, so instead of helping Dabi, he drives him away thinking that he has no use to him.

Endeavor has a huge hatred against All Might since he can’t surpass him in every aspects of being a hero. Because of that, he decided to have a child and pass down his goals, which later on the birth of Dabi. Endeavor didn’t truly care about his family but only to his goals to the way that he even arranged a quirk marriage in order for him to have a child.

After he lost all his expectations to Dabi for having weak body, Endeavor had another child, which is Fuyumi. Fuyumi Todoroki inherited her mother’s quirk, which is ice that made Endeavor dissatisfied once more. Endeavor’s 3rd child, Natsu Todoroki still unkown if he inherited his father’s quirk or his mother but one thing is certain and that is Natsu has a weak quirk knowing the fact that Endeavor also ignore him.

Endeavor’s hope arose when Shoto Todoroki was born, which possess his mother’s quirk and him at the same time.

why did dabi became a villain my hero academia

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Dabi’s hatred against his father started when Shoto Todoroki was born, knowing that Endeavor spent all his time training Shoto and doesn’t give a time about him, which is made him jealous. Dabi did everything for him to enhance his quirk at the very young age on his own in order to be acknowledge by his father after Endeavor threw him away.

According to Endeavor, Dabi inherited not just his fire but his arrogant attitude as well that will do everything to achieve what they want no matter the method he use. Dabi’s thirst for his father’s attention grew even larger when Endeavor separated Shoto from them in order for Endeavor to train Shoto on his own. Endeavor considered Shoto as his masterpiece and someone who lives in different world compare to his siblings because unlike Dabi, Shoto has has the most potential compare to all of them.

why did dabi became a villain my hero academia

Regardless of everything had happened, Dabi still continued to train on his own without anyone knowing despite of the injuries he obtain knowing the fact that his body can’t handle his own fire. His desire to be acknowledge by Endeavor grew and grew over time to the way that he gets crazy and despise his mom for stopping him.

One day, when Dabi secretly training on the forest, he overused his own fire and burnt everything including himself making his body give up from the heat that he emitted, which resulted of his trajic death.

why did dabi became a villain my hero academia

Because of how strong his blue fire was, Dabi considered dead on the fire to the way that even bones were nowhere to be found because they thought that his body turned into ashes. That time, Endeavor’s family started to collapsed even more and Endeavor focus his hatred towards to his family especially Shoto, which is only hope for his selfish dream.

Little did everyone know, Toya Todoroki survived yet took a massive damage, which resulted of scars all over to his body and changed his name to Dabi in order to hide his real identity as a son of Endeavor. Dabi promised to himself that he will take down Endeavor with his very own hands especially to Shoto, who’s he considered as Endeavor’s masterpiece. Because of that, Dabi joined league of villains yet has different ideology compare to other member especially, which is hatred and revenge against Endeavor. League of Villains doesn’t know his true identity but accepted him open arms.

And that the cruel past he experienced on the hands of Endeavor, which resulted of his hatred against him and humanity.

why did dabi became a villain my hero academia

Overall, the reason why Dabi became a villain was because of his jealousy towards to Shoto and especially, his hatred against his father since he was a kid. Unlike any other members of League of Villain, that was the only reason why he joined the path of being a villain.

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