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The anime series ‘One Punch Man’ is one of the popular series since 2015 after its first released in spite of only having a 2 seasons.

One Punch Man was based originally from WebComic written and illustrated by ONE. Just like most of the writers, ONE’s identity is still hidden and unknown despite the success of One Punch Man.

One Punch Man WebComic became popular back then regardless of its arts. Yusuke Murata, one of the best manga artist piqued its interest and decided to adapt it into a manga series. Later on, One Punch Man became a manga series written by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata.

Since then, One Punch Man characters started to be more amazing and interesting and a lot of fans wonder, who is stronger between Boros, who was the final antagonist of season 1? Or Garou, who was the antagonist since 2nd season and upcoming seasons?

Who Will Win? Monster Garou or Boros?


is monster garou stronger than boros one punch man

Disaster Level: God

The leader of alien group, ‘Dark Matter Thieves’, Boros. Boros was the final antagonist of the 1st season of One Punch Man after he appeared on Earth out of nowhere looking for a certain person. Unlike any other monsters, Boros could be considered as an alien monster knowing that he came from outer space.

Boros is one of the strongest characters in the series including even all the Class S Heroes. Furthermore, it is no doubt that he can even beat even Tatsumaki. Blast’s full capabilities still unknown, so no one can conclude if he can beat Boros.

What made Boros an extraordinary monster is his extreme healing capabilities that could instantly restore every parts of his body, just like what he did when Saitama cut his arm. Boros doesn’t rely to his God-like superhuman strength only but also to his destructive power. He also has 2 transformations that gives him beyond belief power.

is monster garou stronger than boros one punch man

Boros wasn’t directly stated by creator that he was a Disaster God Level yet it is an undeniable fact that he was especially after he shown his power to Saitama. Before coming to Earth, Boros destroyed countless of planets along his way, which made him truly a God disaster level without any questions.

Boros is one of the few characters who survived with Saitama’s one punch throughout the whole series. Overall, Boros survived 5 attacks from Saitama before he died. In spite of his lost to Saitama, Boros is no doubt a extremely powerful monster that could literally destroy Earth if Saitama didn’t stop his final attack, showing how powerful truly he was as a monster. What makes him an unforgettable opponent was when he kicked Saitama from Earth to the surface of the Moon, which has more than 384,000 km distance. When Tatsumaki fought Saitama(WebComic), Tatsumaki can’t even lift Saitama for a long period of time, showing how powerful truly Boros compare to Class S Heroes.

Watch Boros vs Saitama Full Fight:



can monster garou beat boros one punch man

Disaster Level: God

Unlike Boros, Garou is a completely human hoping for destruction of Hero Association because of his own ideals and beliefs. Garou is the main antagonist of the 2nd and upcoming seasons of One Punch Man, making him having more screentime than Boros.

Garou lives a normal life back then learning martial arts under Bang’s teachings. But for some reason, Garou attacked every students, making Bang’s academy an empty space. Later on, Garou started to live as a self-proclaimed ‘Hero Hunter’, which obviously attack every heroes on his way.

On his journey as a Hero Hunter, Garou beaten a lot of heroes even Tank Top Master, the Rank 16 Class-S Hero, Darkshine, the Rank 11 Class S Hero, Puri-Puri-Prisoner, the Rank 17 Class S Hero and fought Metal Bat head on and a lot of low ranking heroes.

Garou’s specialty was ‘Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist’, which he learnt from his master, Bang. After mastering the technique, he decided to leave and do his ambitions. Garou was the top student of Bang, which is why Garou was a huge lost for him having a different goals.

What makes Garou extremely powerful is his intellect specially for fighting. Garou can read and copy movements in just a matter of seconds making him use your own strength against you. He can learn any forms of fighting style as long he can see it with his own eyes along with his sharp analyzation just like how he copied Watchdog Man.

can monster garou beat boros one punch man

When Garou transformed completely into a monster, he beaten all Class S Hero in an instant after their fight to all Disaster ‘Dragon’ Level monsters. Garou confronted Saitama thinking that Saitama was just a small fry yet he was utterly wrong.

Monster Garou was the 4th monster who survived Saitama’s punch showing how powerful truly he was. Garou survived not just 1 or 2 but 11 attacks from Saitama(WebComic) and what’s more surprising is he was the first person can dodge Saitama’s attacks numerous times.

Watch Garou Defeated 8 Heroes:

So who is stronger? Monster Garou or Boros?

Both monsters are undeniably strong and both are belong to disaster GOD level that could literally destroy every Class S heroes. But to compare them to one another, Boros has the upper hand.

Unlike Garou, Boros is a completely different monster than him and belong to a one of the strongest species in the entire universe. Although both has healing factors, Boros healing capabilities is much stronger than Garou, knowing that healing factor was on Boros’s formidable bloodline unlike Garou.

We can see how Garou dodged and resisted Saitama’s punched, yet it was clear that Saitama was holding back knowing that Garou is a human in the first place. Therefore, he attacks Garou to the way that he won’t die unlike he did to Boros.

Garou is just a human, which makes him inferior to Boros in every aspects to battle. What makes Boros superior than Garou is his transformations to could wipe out any kind of civilization on his own. Boros stated that before coming to Earth, him along with his group destroyed countless of planets along their way, which obviously Garou isn’t capable to do.

Unlike Boros, Garou rely solely on his speed and strength knowing that he was just a human who mastered martial arts.

can monster garou beat boros one punch man

Garou’s ‘Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist’ is truly poweful yet it isn’t applicable to everyone just like how he was beaten badly by Watchdog Man when he attempted to fight him. One would think that Garou can copy Boros, but it is impossible to Garou. Garou can’t copy Boros capabilities especially, he can’t copy magical powers just like Boros had used against Saitama. Needlessly to say, Boros kicked Saitama from Earth to the Moon while Monster Garou punched Saitama and just moved an inch.

Lastly, Boros saw the true immense power of Saitama in just one glance, showing how capable truly he was as a fighter, unlike Monster Garou who fought Saitama thinking that he was just a small fry.

can monster garou beat boros one punch man



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