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Haikyu!! is one of the rising anime of all time by its wonderful and exciting journey of Hinata Shouyo, the protagonist of the story that started when he joined Karasuno Volleyball Team.

Because of its popularity, Haikyu!! is anticipating to be one of the best sports anime series of all time. Haikyu!! was originally based from manga series written and illutrated by Haruichi Furudate since 2012.

The story revolves around sports especially Volleyball, where countless of characters exist. What makes it more interesting isn’t just because of its well written stories, but also the attractive and handsome male characters which love by a lot of fans. Because of that…

Here are the Most Handsome Characters in Haikyu!!

10. Kenma Kozume

Most handsome characters in Haikyu!! Kenma Kozume

Kenma Kozune is one of the supporting characters in the series and could be considered as Hinata’s best friend after the confrontation of their own team.

Despite of being unsociable, Kenma Kozume piqued the interest of a lot of fans by his appearance. He is the setter of Nekoma, one of the powerful school and also known as ‘The Cats’. Unlike any players, Kenma Kozume doesn’t really into volleyball, but according to him, he has no reason to leave so he decided to stay. Kenma was forced to play volleyball at first by Kuroo, a childhood friend that also became his Captain.

Kenma isn’t just smart when it comes to logic and academics, but also when it comes to volleyball, despite of not really into it. Because of that, Kenma considered as ‘The Brain’ of Nekoma for his astounding analyzation in every game, making him almost the coach of the team.

9. Yuji Terushima

Most handsome characters in Haikyu!! Yuji Terushima

Despite of only having a very short screentime in the series, Yuji Terushima has an unforgettable moments in the story, especially after fighting Karasuno.

Yuji Terushima is the Captain of Johzenji High that once fought Karasuno and gave them a hard time. Unlike any other teams in the series, Johzenji High mostly played because of fun, and achieving the victory was their only 2nd goal, making their team truly different. With his energetic and active personality, Yuji really suitable for being a leader, yet also the reason of their lost.

Not just him, but all the members of his team doesn’t take volleyball seriously, regardless of the outcome of their actions. What makes their team truly remarkable was they practice during the middle of the game, which makes their team really kind of comedic.

8. Keiji Akaashi

Most handsome characters in Haikyu!! Akaashi Keiji

Keiji Akaashi is the setter of the Fukurodani, one of the powerful team in the series where Bokuto Kotaro, one of the Top 5 Aces in Japan joined. Unlike any setter like Oikawa or Kageyama, Akaashi isn’t good as them, yet when it comes to Bokuto, he is extremely powerful.

He joined Fukurodani because of his admiration to Bokuto and wants to team up with him. Knowing Bokuto, Akaashi doesn’t only know anything about Bokuto’s abilities, but also know what to do when Bokuto is under attack of his ‘Mood Swing’ that often affect his play.

7. Ushijima Wakatoshi

Unlike Bokuto, Akaashi is a calm and serious person that makes him polar opposite of Bokuto who always energetic and active to everything. A lot of fans love his existence to the series and to how he handle Bokuto with Bokuto’s childish attitude.

Most handsome characters in Haikyu!! Ushijima Wakatoshi

Ushijima isn’t just a strong player, but indeed belong to the Top 3 aces in the entire Japan, making him popular and terrifying player at the same time. Ushijima was the ace of Shiratorizawa, the team that Karasuno confronted in the finals.

Unlike any other players, Ushijima is a serious and calm person despite of their lost to Karasuno. After his tragic defeat to Hinata, he considered him now as his rival. Ushijima known for his extraordinary spikes that no one could even block him, which made everyone surprised when Tsukishima, the middle blocker of Karasuno blocked him once. Because of his massive popularity, it is no doubt why Ushijima is part of the most attractive and the most handsome in the series regardless of having a short screentime.

6. Miya Brothers

Most handsome characters in Haikyu!! Miya Brothers

Miya Brothers is the only players that known for being a twin, which is Miya Atsumu and Miya Osamu. Despite of being a twin, Miya Brothers are undeniably polar opposite to each other.

Miya Atsumu has a remarkable blonde hair compare to Osamu who has a dyed gray hair. Unlike Osamu, Atsumu has a longer screentime after he continued to play volleyball even after the school. Later on, Miya and Hinata joined together in one team, Black Jackals that became one of the strongest team in Japan. Miya Brothers was first introduced in the season 4 of the series when they fought Karasuno.

Osamu Miya known for his excellent spiking skills and Atsumu also for being an impressive setter, making their tandem unstoppable. What truly makes them impressive is their ability to mimic attacks, just like how they copied the Quick of Hinata and Kageyama that requires a lot of training.

5. Kiyoomi Sakusa

Most handsome characters in Haikyu!! Kiyoomi Sakusa

Kiyoomi Sakusa is the noticable player that has a curly hair and often cover his face with a facemask for a certain reason. Regardless of that, Sakusa truly a terrifying player, not just to their school but to entire Japan. He is belong to the Top 3 Aces just like Ushijima of Shiratorizawa.

Being one of the Top 3 Aces of Japan, Kiyoomi Sakusa is a powerful spiker despite of only being a second year student. Unlike any other players, Sakusa was a calm and unfriendly person, making him often alone. Kiyoomi also one of the chosen player just like Kageyama who was given an opportunity to train in All Japan Youth Training Camp because of his splendid ability. What makes him a remarkable player compare to others was his astounding spike that puts an incredible spin to the ball, making it hard to receive.

4. Kageyama Tobio

Most handsome characters in Haikyu!! Kageyama Tobio

Kageyama Tobio is the deuteragonist of the series and could be considered as one of the best setter throughout the whole Japan. Unlike any other players, Kageyama known for being a dictator and arrogant setter which later on called him as the ‘King of the Court’.

Despite of his impressive skills when it comes to volleyball, Kageyama doesn’t possess talent when it comes to studying, just like Hinata. Kageyama tried to enrolled in Shiratorizawa, one of the most powerful school in the series, yet he failed the entrance exam and decided to enroll to Karasuno that started his journey.

He was also known for being the student and junior of Oikawa, one of the strongest setter in the series. Regardless of his cocky attitude, there’s no doubt why Kageyama known for being the ‘King of the Court’, because of his impressive abilities. His existence to the Karasuno along with Hinata made the entire team unstoppable because of their remarkable ‘Quick’, which always amaze everyone.

3. Kotaro Bokuto

Most handsome characters in Haikyu!! Bokuto Kotaro

Kotaro is one of the strongest player in the entire country, especially after he joined Black Jackals where he teamed up with Sakusa, Atsumu, and Hinata. Because of his personality, Bokuto undoubtedly love by a lot of fans.

He is the Captain of Fukurodani and also considered as their ace. Being a powerful player, Bokuto known and acknowledged by a lot of teams. What truly makes him remarkable is his energetic and active personality towards to everyone. Unlike any players, Bokuto wanted to play in a big arena, thinking that he gets better the more people watching his play.

Bokuto taught a lot of things, especially to Hinata to the way that he considered themselves as a teacher and a student.

2. Tetsuro Kuroo

Most handsome characters in Haikyu!! Tetsuro Kuroo

Tetsuro Kuroo is the Captain of the Volleyball Team Nekoma High that known as ‘The Cats’. Nekoma High is also a powerful team that once fought Karasuno, yet they lost. Despite of their lost, Nekoma truly one of the strongest team in the entire series.

Unlike his best friend, Kenma, Kuroo is a completely opposite of him, knowing that Kenma has an introverted personality, yet he’s a kind of extroverted. One of the noticable thing about him was his incredible spiking skills that could even compare to Bakugo, one of the strongest and popular player in the entire Japan.

Regardless of having a short screentime in the series, Tetsuro Kuroo piqued the interest of a lot of fans by his stunning appearance, making him a popular character in the series. Also, Kuroo was the reason why Kenma, one of the players in Nekoma played volleyball.

1. Toru Oikawa

Most handsome characters in Haikyu!! Oikawa Toru

It is no doubt that Toru Oikawa is the most attractive and the most handsome through the whole series. Oikawa is one of the most popular Fictional characters not just in the series but also in real life.

He was one of the best setter in the entire country that was offered countless of invitations because of his impressive skill when it comes to volleyball. What makes Oikawa truly a good player wasn’t just because of his talent, but also his ability to lead everyone around him, making him a good Captain of Aoba Johsai.

Shiratorizawa, one of the powerful school in the series invited Oikawa to their team, yet he refused. Oikawa also known for being the mentor of Kageyama Tobio, the one considered as ‘The King of the Court’, not just because of his extraordinary skills, but because of his dictatorship when it comes to court. Despite of having a short screentime in the entire series, Oikawa Toru is undeniably the most handsome male characters in Haikyu!!


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