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One of the remarkable abilities especially when it comes to fantasy anime series are the eyes that love by a lot of fans, which has different designs and different abilities depends on the wielder. As time goes by, anime industry slowly growing and a lot of anime series will be born along with their noticable eyes.

Having destructive abilities such as fires, superhuman strength, teleportation, and any other type of abilities are now very common, yet the abilities of the eyes won’t get old. Almost every popular anime has someone who has a power that resides within his eyes, such as popular series like Naruto.

Despite of Eyes abilities being common to anime, there are still a lot of eyes that is truly remarkable because of its exceptional powers that thrilled a lot of fans. Because of that…

Here are to Top 10 Strongest Eyes in Anime

10. Sharingan

Strongest eyes in anime Sharingan

One of the most terrifying bloodline in Naruto, Uchiha Clan possessed an immense amount of power that could even be use to rule over world. What makes their bloodline truly powerful wasn’t just because of their raw abilities, but because of the powerful eyes which could only passed down to Uchiha Clan, the Sharingan.

Sharingan is a powerful red eyes that has different marks with different abilities depends on the wielder. Sharingan alone isn’t a huge threat, yet it could evolve into something terrifying, Mangaekyo Sharingan and Rinnegan that only few people had obtained.

Strongest eyes in animE Sharingan

One of the remarkable abilities of sharingan was to copy ninja techniques just by looking at the technique itself, which was the reason why Kakashi known for being a copy ninja. Despite of the Sharingan being only for Uchiha Clan, Sharingan could be passed down to non Uchiha, yet it has a huge risk, knowing that Sharingan use a lot of chakra every second everytime someone used it, which was the reason also why Kakashi closed his eye most of the time.

9. Emperor’s Eyes

Strongest eyes in anime Emperor's eye

User: Akashi Seijuro

Anime: Kuroko’s Basketball

Compare to a lot of anime eyes, Emperor’s Eyes typically not for fighting, yet it is mainly use for basketball by none other than Akashi Seijuro, the former Captain of Generation of Miracles.

Generation of Miracles was full of powerful and extraordinary players, especially their Captain for having a terrifying eyes. With Emperor’s Eyes, Akashi allows himself to have predict accurately every moves of opponent, making him unstoppable everytime he used it. Akashi’a skills will enhance dramatically using the power of his eyes like having sharp analyzation, observations, instincts and especially, to move in a blink of an eye.

Strongest eyes in anime Emperor's eye

Despite of him having a powerful eyes, it was also the reason why he lost his team, knowing that his personality and attitude especially his perspectives towards to basketball also changed. After acquiring extraordinary power, Akashi neglected the importance of teamwork, and let everyone play just by using their own skills.

8. Erasure Eyes

Strongest eyes in anime Erasure eyes

User: Aizawa Shota

Anime: My Hero Academia

Aizawa Shota is one of the professional heroes in My hero Academia and also one of the teachers in U.A., the prestigious school when it comes aspiring heroes that will serve the humanity in the future.

Compare to other heroes, Aizawa doesn’t have a destructive power such as fires, superhuman strength, or even flying abilities. Despite of that, Aizawa, known as Eraserhead is one of the terrifying heroes in the series. Using his eyes, Aizawa could erase almost all forms of quirk, not just by one person but all people within his vision. Aizawa could erase someone’s quirk or power as long as he can open his eyes. Because of that condition, Aizawa has a noticable gloomy eyes, which were trained to keep open for a long period of time.

Strongest eyes in anime Erasure eyes

Also, Aizawa has a strange scarf around his neck that he also used for every battle, knowing that erasing someone’s quirk isn’t enough to take them down. Regardless of his small physique, Aizawa is capable when it comes to hand-to-hand combat even if he against to numbers of people all by himself.

7. Shinigami Eyes

Strongest eyes in anime Shinigami Eyes

User: Misa Amane

Anime: Death Note

Compare to other powerful eyes in other anime, Shinigami Eyes wasn’t powerful or has any threatening abilities, yet when you have the Death Note, it is a different scenario.

Shinigami Eyes allows you to see the life span, or the remaining days of every person before they die and know every person’s name just by looking at them. Obtaining the eyes of Shinigami only has one way, and it is to offer half your life span to the owner. What makes Shinigami truly a horrifying creatures wasn’t because of their eyes, but because of the wicked notebook they possess.

Having Death Note allows you to kill anyone without any exceptions just by knowing their faces and especially, their names then write it on the notebook. By acquiring the eyes of Shinigami and the ability of notebook, you wouldn’t need to ask for names anymore, because by having those eyes, could literally make you unstoppable for killing anyone.

Strongest eyes in anime Shinigami eyes

6. Sage Mode

Strongest eyes in anime Sage Mode eyes

User: Naruto, Jiraiya, Minato…

Anime: Naruto

Sage Mode’s power truly doesn’t rely to eyes, but Sage Mode change the appearance of a person including the eyes, which is similar to a frog, making it a noticable when one transfom into Sage Mode. Achieving Sage Mode isn’t an easy task and requires a lot of training physically and especially, mentally.

One of the famous person that started Sage Mode was Jiraiya that later on passed down to one another like Minato, who was his student, and Naruto, which is Minato’s son. Sage Mode enhance one’s person abilities dramatically, yet only for a period of time. The main side effect of transforming into Sage Mode was changing the appearance of a person depends on how one truly mastered it.

Strongest eyes in anime Sage Mode Eyes

Jiraiya’s Sage Mode made him literally like a frog, yet when it comes to Naruto, who mastered fully the Sage Mode, only his eyes did changed, which makes it the most remarkable when it comes to Sage Mode.

5. Geass

Strongest eyes in anime Geass

User: Lelouch Vi Britannia

Anime: Code Geass

Geass is one of the dangerous eyes throughout the whole anime for its terrifying ability. Unlike any other eyes, Lelouch eyes’s only has one power, yet powerful enough to caused massive destruction to the whole world.

His eyes were called as ‘Power of Absolute Obedience’, which could command anyone anything just by having an eye contact to someone. The most terrifying about this was, if he said to kill yourself, you have no choice but to kill yourself, which caused countless of deaths. You can command to kill, to steal, to protect, and anything without any exceptions as long that the command that someone received still yet finish.

The effect of his power could last for a lifetime, unless you can erase it with a Geass as well. Throughout his journey having the Geass, Lelouch killed hundreds or even thousands innocent lives for the war that he started, especially to get rid of his father. In spite of how powerful his eyes was, Lelouch could only use its ability once for every person.

Strongest eyes in anime Geass

4. Mangekyo Sharingan

Strongest eyes in anime Mangekyo Sharingan

User: Itachi, Sasuke, Obito, Kakashi…

Anime: Naruto

Mangekyo Sharingan is the 2nd form of Sharingan that not all Uchihas could obtain easily, unlike the normal Sharingan. Mangaekyo Sharingan is a powerful Sharingan that could only activate by encountering traumatic or tragic experience, just like how Sasuke obtained his Mangaekyo Sharingan when Itachi died. Also, Mangekyo Sharingan itself has its other form, Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Sasuke acquired his Mangekyo Sharingan into Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan by transplanting Itachi’s eyes.

Having the power of Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, one could use Amaterasu, a powerful black flames that could burn everything without any exceptions. Unlike any forms of Sharingan, having both eyes allows the user to use Susanoo, a gigantic human-like that covers the user with different abilities and styles depends on the user, which is best when it comes to defense and even offense.

Strongest eyes in anime Mangekyo Sharingan

3. Rinnegan

Strongest eyes in anime angekyo Sharingan

User: Sasuke, Nagato, Madara…

Anime: Naruto

Rinnegan is the final form of Sharingan and it has complete different style. Compare to Sharingan or Mangekyo Sharingan, Rinnegan is purple-like color, that undeniably different from others.

Just by having one rinnegan is already a disaster, just like how unstoppable Madara was. One of the most powerful Rinnegan in the series was given to Sasuke by none other than Sage of the Six Paths, Hagoromo. Despite of how massive it chakra requires, Sasuke used Rinnegan with ease, unlike Mangekyo Sharingan that made everyone’s eyes bleed.

Rinnegan has a lot of abilities, and one of them was used by Sasuke when he fought Naruto. Just by one glance, Sasuke could easily control and manipulate all the Tailed Beast according to his will. The remarkable ability of his Rinnegan that was first shown when they fought Madara was to swap places to anything nearby, making it good for escaping.

Strongest eyes in anime Mangekyo Sharinagn

2. Six Eyes

Strongest eyes in anime Six Eyes

User: Gojo Satoru

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

Gojo Satoru is one of the supporting characters in Jujutsu Kaisen and considered as the strongest character throughout the whole series. Gojo is a noticable sorcerer which cover half of his face, especially his eyes most of the time.

Despite of his childish and child-like attitude, Gojo Satoru is undoubtedly a powerful sorcerer. Gojo Satoru possess the power of ‘Six Eyes’, which could only be passed down to Gojo Clan. Six Eyes allows him to used the power of ‘Infinity’ or ‘Limitless’, which could literally make him untouchable. What makes it truly incredible is ‘Six Eyes’ only appear for every hundred or hundreds of years.

Strongest eyes in anime Six Eyes

Having the Six Eyes, Gojo Satoru acquired an extraordinary perceptions and be able to use the full potential of his infinity, making him truly an indestructible opponent. Because of his power, Gojo Satoru brings balance to the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, knowing that all evil sorcerers and Cursed Spirits are lurking behind the shadows because of him.

1. Devine Reflection

Strongest eyes in anime Devine Reflection

User: Adam

Anime: Record of Ragnarok

Adam was one of the chosen humans who was given an opportunity to fight Gods because of his extraordinary abilities in order to save the humanity from the brink of extinction.

Being the first human that was created by God, Adam possessed an immense amount of strength, knowing that he was made from the image and resemblance of the God himself. Unlike any other humans, Adam considered as the strongest human in the human history.

Adam was first introduced when he confronted Zeus, the father of all Gods that gave him a tough battle. Despite of being a mere human, Adam was the first human and to even among all the Gods who could fought Zeus with his full strength. Knowing how powerful Adam was, Zeus needed to use his full power just in order to attack Adam.

Strongest eyes in anime Devine Reflection

What makes Adam truly a terrifying human and could even match up the Gods was because of his powerful eyes that could even surpass to the power of Gods. Through his eyes, Adam could use his own abilities, which they called as ‘Devine Reflection’ that could copy any attacks in an instant. Devine Reflection allows himself to copy anything even the power of Gods, especially Zeus. Regardless of being a complete human, Adam could use magical powers as well if he can see and copy it. Adam also possessed superhuman abilities, which even surpassed Zeus when it comes to physical abilities. What makes him truly especial was Zeus admitted that if it was a battle of endurance, it was impossible for him to beat Adam.

Strongest eyes in anime Devine Reflection


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