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Black Clover is one of the rising anime series since 2017 despite of its animations back then, which often criticized by a lot of fans. Regardless of that, Black Clover still piqued the interest of a lot of fans by its amazing and magical fantasies.

The series revolves around the world full of magical abilities that could use in everyday lives. Magic abilities has different forms with different abilities that lies within a certain book, which they called as’Grimoire’.

One could use magics without the help of Grimoire, yet by using it, it allows to user to cast powerful spells that only with the help of Grimoire can do. Through the whole series, countless of different magics were already introduced. Because of that…

Here are the Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover

10. World Tree Magic

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover World Tree Magic

User: William Vengeance

World Tree Magic isn’t destructive as the other magic types, yet it is reliable for many ways. William Vengeance is the only person so far that could use the power of World Magic Tree, which makes it special compare to other magics.

William’s World Tree Magic allows him to manipulate the branches and roots, or even the trees itself according to his will. What makes it so special is how massive it could be, to the way that Vengeance could create a tree as big as the whole city. His trees can use healing spell that could even heal a severe injuries, just like how he healed almost all the members of Golden Dawn after their bloody confrontation to Zenon.

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover World Tree Magic

Also, its roots could hide underground just like a normal tree, yet it slowly absorb the mana of everything it touch. Using its Magic, William Vengeance became the no. 1 Captain and became a respectable by everyone since then. Through the woods of his trees, William could easily create almost anything like magical brooms, which he did during the Magic Knights Entrance Exam. Showing how reliable it is, World Tree Magic also one of the keys to the Underworld, just like the Dark Magic of Yami Sukehiro where Devils and Demons resides.

9. Wind Magic

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover Wind Magic

User: Yuno

Wind Magic looks just like similar to other element type magics like Fire Magics or even Water Magics and makes it nothing special, yet being in 4 Lead Grimoire is a different scenario. Yuno is one of the few people who was chosen by 4 Leaf Grimoire that known as Luck to its user. Because of that, Wind Magics of Yuno is undeniably powerful.

Just after acquiring his Grimoire, Yuno was already shown an extraordinary abilities, which resulted of him being in the most prestigious Magic Knight and later on became the Vice Captain of Golden Dawn. What makes it more powerful was the Wind Spirit, Bell that is now residing inside his Grimoire, which truly adds power to his overall abilities.

Yuno, being the Prince of Spade Kingdom contains a massive amount of mana inside him, which allows him to use the full extent of 4 Leaf Grimoire. After his tragic lost to Zenon, Yuno trained himself, mainly for the sake of revenge. Just like Asta, Yuno could use now the full capacity of Wind Magic along with his Wind Spirit, which resulted of his intense transformation, ‘Spirit of Boreas’. Compare to his form back then, the transformation now could cover all of his body, showing his complete form and the ability of his Grimoire.

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover Wind Magic

8. Bone Magic

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover Bone Magic

User: Zenon Zogratis

Zenon Zogratis is one of the member of Dark Triad, a powerful group that became a Devil host to cause wickedness to humanity. Being a Devil host allows you to have two different kinds of Magic, your own magic and the Devil’s Magic. Despite of that, the most remarkable magic that Zenon has used was his Bone Magic, which was the magic that destroyed the Golden Dawn, especially the Captain, William Vengeance.

Using the Bone Magic, Zenon allows himself to create countless of bones that serves as his arms, just like spider or an octopus. His bones are offense and defense at the same time, making the World Tree Magic of William Vengeance almost useless against it. By manipulating his bones, Zenon could turn it into anything he wants such swords or a spear.

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover Bone Magic

Having an immense amount of mana along with his Devil, no matter how one destroyed his bones, it will just regenerate in an instant. What makes him much more powerful was his final form that covers his whole body by terrifying bones, which enhance his overall abilities drastically.

7. Blood Magic

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover Blood Magic

User: Witch Queen and Vanica

Blood Magic is a special magic that was introduced when some of Black Bulls members confronted the Queen of Witches. What makes it more special was there’s only 2 mages can use it far. As a Queen of All Witches, it is no doubt that Blood Magic that she possess is a terrifying one.

Compare to other magics, Blood Magic was showed only for a short period of time, yet was already enough to show how powerful it is. Using the ability of Blood Magic, Witch Queen could make a tremendous amount of blood and manipulate it according to her will. What makes it more terrifying was she couldn’t just control her own blood, but the other’s blood as well.

Despite of being in Demon Form, Witch Queen could easily manipulated Asta by her blood techniques and tried to kill everyone. Because of her vast knowledge about everything, it is no surprise if that was only a glimpse of her abilities, knowing that she even know that transformation of Asta when he transformed into a Demon for the first time when even to everyone it was still a mystery.

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover Blood Magic

6. Gravity Magic

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover Gravity Magic

User: Dante Zogratis

Gravity is one of the 4 fundamental forces in universe, and having it as a power is undeniably devastating. Gravity Magic by Dante, the Leader of Dark Triad is a powerful magic that allows him to manipulate the gravity according to his will.

By manipulating the force of Gravity, Dante could cause massive destruction just only by standing. Having the ability to manipulate Gravity, Dante could easily float anything including himself, knowing that removing the Gravity will result of being weightless, just like how he lifted the entire hideout of Black Bulls with ease. Also, Dante using Gravity Magic could increase the force of Gravity, making anyone kneel before him.

Showing how powerful it is, Asta and Yami Sukehiro needed to fight Dante together just to get rid of him, which they could barely survived.

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover Gravity Magic

5. Dark Magic

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover Dark Magic

User: Yami Sukehiro

Dark Magic is a rare magic type that only Yami so far could use. Compare to other magic knights, Yami use his Dark Magics along with his remarkable Katana that makes his magic much more powerful. Despite of Dark Magic being a powerful magic, it is also the key to open the gate in underworld, where inhumane Devils truly exist.

When it comes to offense and defense, Dark Magic is undeniably capable, to the way that among all the captains, Dark Magic of Yami is the strongest. What makes it more powerful is the Dimension Slash that could slice anything without even exceptions. Also, Dark Magic could use in long range and even short range, making it truly reliable.

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover Dark Magic

Yami Sukehiro could potentially use the full extent of his Dark Magic despite of it being so powerful, knowing that Yami has an extraordinary ability, which always surpass his limits. Dark Magic is capable also of Mana Zone, one of the most powerful magics that only few people could achieved. Compare to other Magic Knights, Yami doesn’t just have magic, but also a Ki, which he often used in battle.

4. Light Magic

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover Light Magic

User: Lumiere Silvamillion

Just like Dark Magic of Yami Sukehiro, which is the opposite of Light Magic, it is one of the magic considered as rare, knowing that only the 1st Wizard King and Patri are known for having it.

Light Magic is a powerful Magic that requires a lot of mana. Using it, allows you to manipulate light into powerful weapons such as swords, whips, blades, and many things, just like how Patri manipulated his lights when he fought the Wizard King. Also, Light being the fastest thing in the universe, Light Magic allows you to move and fly in an incredible speed.

Knowing how powerful it is, Lumiere, the 1st Wizard King used it to annihilate the Demon, which caused massive destruction to Clover Kingdom. Also, Patri once used Light Magic to kill all the people in Clover Kingdom as a hostages to Wizard King, showing how terrifying its abilities to humanity.

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover Light Magic

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3. Time Magic

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover Time Magic

User: Julius Novachrono

Time Magic is undeniably one of the strongest magics of all time that is used by Julius Novachrono, the current Wizard King. Time Magic is all around magic that could be use for anything like capturing, escaping, flying, attacking, defending, and other powerful abilities that only Julius Novachrono could do.

Its abilities was shown when Patri confronted Julius. Light is the fastest thing across the universe, yet Julius’s time magic defies it by moving faster than Patri’s light. What makes Time Magic truly different, especially its Grimoire from others is because it has no cover, making it a coverless Grimoire floating midair by none other than Julius Novachrono.

Showing how powerful truly Time Magic was, Julius Novachrono saved all the people that was almost killed by Patri by reversing the time all over the Clover Kingdom, yet in exchange of his death. Thanks to item that was made by Secre and the first Wizard King, Lumiere, Julius Novachrono survived, but in a small physique.

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover Time Magic

2. Kotodama Magic

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover Kotodama Magic

As one of the high-ranking Devil in Underworld, Zagred truly had a threatening magic, which was even enough to put the humanity in the brink of extinction.

Zagred was an antagonist of the series and a high-ranking Devil that roamed on the world of humans to bring catastrophe. What makes him a terrifying Devil wasn’t just because of his wickedness or manipulativeness, but because of his frightening magic. Using his magic, Zagred allows himself to used almost any forms of magics just by using his speech, and also, he doesn’t need the help of his Grimoire to cast abilities. Regardless of his abilities that requires a lot of mana, Zagred, being high-ranking Devil used it just with ease.

Despite of having a powerful magic, Zagred’s Kotodama Magic was still affected when it comes to Anti-Magic by Asta, and especially, the Dark Magic of Yami Sukehiro, knowing that Dark Magic is much similar to Anti-Magic that came from the Underworld.

1. Anti-Magic

Most Powerful Magics in Black lover Anti-Magic

User: Asta

Anti-Magic truly is the most powerful magic in the entire series, knowing that Anti-Magic came from different world where powerful demon resides. Unlike any other grimoires, Asta’s grimoire has literally no power at all but only a mere swords, yet everything changed when Liebe, a low-ranking Devil was sealed inside the Grimoire, which later on the birth of one and only Five Leaf Grimoire.

Asta originally has 3 different swords with 3 different abilities but increased by 1 after Yami’s Katana became Anti-Magic as well after their bloody confrontation to Dante. Anti-Magic Swords could only be touch by someone who has no magic like Asta, knowing that his swords absorb the mana of everything it touch.

Anti-Magic swords can cancel, negate, absorb, fly, repel, and many other abilities, making all forms of magics pointless to him as long that it could touch by the sword. What makes it more powerful is Asta’s Demon Form that transform half of his body into Anti-Magic. After getting the trust of Liebe, the Devil resides inside his Grimoire, Asta achieved his final form which dramatically enhance his overall abilities. Unlike his first form that only half of his body, it could now be use all over his body.

Most Powerful Magics in Black Clover Anti-Magic


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