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The popular anime and manga series ‘Dr Stone’ is one of the rising series of the decade after its first released. What makes Dr Stone truly remarkable to a lot of fans is because of its incredible plot and amazing stories that could only be watch in Dr Stone.

Dr stone is originally based from manga series that was written by Richiiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. What makes it more special is its amazing manga artworks that would undeniably piqued thr interest of anyone.

The story revolves around the world after the humanity all over the world was petrified for thousands of years for a mysterious reason. Ishigami Senku, the genius protagonist of the story desire to bring back the lost civilization through the scientific knowledge he has. As time goes by, Senku slowly reviving a lot of petrified humans along with his established group, Kingdom of Science.

Kingdom of Science is full of different people with different abilities that makes them differ from each other. Despite of that, everyone is helping each other to bring back the modern-day civilization that was lost because of petrification. Because of that…

Here are the Top 10 Smartest Characters in Dr Stone

10. Francois

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Francois

Francois is one of the modern day humans that was petrified for thousands of year, yet was unpetrified by the Kingdom of Science as her Master’s request, Ryusui Nanami. Francois is the faithful butler of Ryusui even in the Stone World.

Compare to Senku or others, Francois isn’t as smart as her master or Senku, yet knowledgeable to a lot of things, which is necessary as a butler of one of the richest family in Japan. Because of her talent and skills, everyone often rely on her, especially her part as a chef. Francois know how to speak in different languages, hospitality, a chef, and many other abilities especially, great intellect that allows her to help others in solving problems.

Being one of the smartest characters in Dr Stone, Francois also is one of the mysterious characters, knowing that her true gender still haven’t reveal, making her genderqueer. (I used her because she look like a girl for me.)

9. Kaseki

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Kaseki

Despite of being a person grew up in the Stone World, Kaseki’s abilities are one of the essential skills in the Kingdom of Science, knowing that he’s the only who could do flawless craftsmanship. Compare to others, Kaseki doesn’t have a knowledge when it comes to science, yet much more reliable than everyone when it comes to crafting.

Kingdom of Science wouldn’t be created because of him, knowing that Kaseki was already been by Senku’s side ever since the beginning. With Kaseki’s help, Kingdom of Science built glass tubes, tank, ship, and many other things that would be impossible to create without him.

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Kaseki

What terrifies the most is his old age. Because of that, losing him in the series would definitely have a huge impact to the whole Kingdom of Science, and will make a lot of things more difficult regardless of their increase in manpower. Kaseki’s knowledge is unequalled, which makes him truly a genius craftsman.

8. Chrome

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Chrome

Chrome also is one of the people who grew up from Stone World, yet was already shown an interesting scientific experimentations in his first confrontation to Senku, which what he called as ‘Sorcery’ back then. Chrome existence in the series is like a Stone World version of Senku, who lives in the modern world. Science isn’t common to their village, yet he was different from them.

Compare to Senku, Chrome still doesn’t know a lot of things, yet as time goes by, he became a undeniably asset to the Kingdom of Science despite of not being a modern day human. Later on, Chrome became one of the 5 Generals, which is a rank in Kingdom of Science that leads everyone. What makes him truly different from everyone is his extreme curiosity, especially to science. Unlike any characters who often get confuse, Chrome always seek for explanations and learn anything despite of almost everything is new to him.

Chrome contributed a lot to everyone, especially to Senku since their first very confrontation. Because of that, Chrome slowly becoming the mini version of Senku that will definitely become an incredible science user over time.

7. Chelsea Childe

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Chelsea Childe

Chelsea Childe is a young, yet smart woman that Kingdom of Science found alone in the North America. Despite of her age and childish attitude, Chelsea is a genius, especially when it comes geography.

Just like Senku, Chelsea was unpetrified without the help of anyone, and mainly just by staying conscious for thousands of years. After being unpetrified, Chelsea live in North America for a year all by herself. What makes it more difficult for her was she lived for a year with a blurry eyesight. After meeting Senku, her good eyesight came back with the help of eyeglass that was created by Senku, just like the one he made for Suika.

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Chelseas Childe

Showing how smart Chelsea truly is, she definitely know everything about geography, and memorize the maps and places regardless of thousands of years being a stone. Despite of her late appearance in the series, Chelsea already contributed enough to help the Kingdom of Science on their way and consider as one of the smartest person in the series.

6. Ukyo Saionji

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Ukyo Saionji

Ukyo Saionji is one of the modern-day people that was unpetrified in the Stone World, yet instead of Senku, it was Tsukasa. Ukyo was an antagonist of the series that serves Tsukasa against Senku. After finding out the whole objectives of Senku, he turned his back to Tsukasa and come to Kingdom of Science.

Being one of the 5 Generals, Ukyo is undeniably reliable for a lot of things, especially his good hearings. Before the humanity was petrified, Ukyo was once worked as Submarine Sonar Operator, which made his hearing abilities sharper than a normal person. What makes him more special is his intellect and archery abilities. Along with his sharp hearings, Ukyo doesn’t need to see the target completely in order to take them down with his bow, knowing that just little observation and analyzation, he can aim to anyone with ease.

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Ukyo Saionji

Ukyo is knowledge when it comes to technologies, especially logic and strategies that makes Senku’s plan more reasonable. The main reason why Ukyo betrayed Tsukasa for Senku was because of his kind-hearted personality that doesn’t allow unnecessary bloodshed, which was the opposite of what Tsukasa did back then.

5. Gen Asagiri

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Gen Asagiri

Gen Asagiri was once an antagonist of the series that was sent by Tsukasa to find Senku, yet was turned into an ally. He is also the one of the 5 Generals of Kingdom of Science because of his exceptional skills.

Compare to other generals, Gen Asagiri doesn’t have any deep knowledge when it comes to science and often wonder what Senku will do next. Despite of that, Gen still is undeniably a smart person, to the point that he’s smarter compare to Senku in a certain part, psychology. Gen Asagiri isn’t bless by science knowledge, yet his knowledge when it comes to psychologies are one of the useful, especially to Kingdom of Science.

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Gen Asagiri

Using his knowledge, Gen allows himself to manipulate and trick almost everyone, not just just the people who live in Stone World, but also the modern day people. When it comes to psychology, Gen Asagiri is undoubtedly the most knowledgeable, to the point that Kingdom of Science was already saved by him number of times.

4. Ryusui Nanami

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Ryusui Nanami

Ryusui Nanami is also one of the 5 Generals of Kingdom of Science because of his exceptional skills and for being talented. Despite of having late introduction in the series, Ryusui Nanami in undeniably a smart person.

Unlike any characters in Dr Stone, Ryusui Nanami came from a rich family, which is also the reason why he knows a lot of things for having a lot of opportunities on his hand. Ryusui know a lot of things, especially when it comes to ship. Because of that Senku decided to unpetrified him and become a Captain to their ship. Ryusui isn’t smart as Senku, but Ryusui’s existence to Kingdom of Science makes things much more easier.

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Ryusui Nanami

What makes him more interesting is, he was the one who created currency or money in the Stone World, knowing that he came from rich family, money truly is essential to him and for the increase of population they had revived. Ryusui still haven’t introduce in the Dr Stone anime adaptation, but definitely will appear in the 3rd Season.

3. Byakuya Ishigami

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Byakuya Ishigami

Byakuya Ishigami was one of the few survivors of petrification weapon that turned the whole humanity into stone. After he became an astronaut, Byakuya lived in outer space, which resulted of him being unaffected of petrification.

He was the best friend of Senku’s real father, yet he was the one who adopted him for an uncertain reason. Despite of being not blood related to each other, Byakuya truly love Senku, to the point that he sold almost anything he had in order to fulfill Senku’s experimentations. Because of Senku, Byakuya was accepted to NASA after he was failed.

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Byakuya Ishigami

Byakuya’s already dead for thousands of years, yet his remains still helpings the humanity, especially Senku. Byakuya wasn’t smart as Senku, but he has a broad knowledge for the incoming future to humanity. So before he died, he collected all necessary things for Senku even if it takes hundreds of thousands of years before he could find it. Because of him, he made Senku’s experimentations and explorations easier despite of him being dead.

2. Xeno Wingfield

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Xeno Wingfield

Xeno Wingfield was one of the scientist in NASA before the whole humanity was petrified and turned into a stone. What makes him more special is, he once became the teacher of Senku even if they didn’t met each other physically. Since then, Xeno became aware of how smart Ishigami Senku truly is.

Having the intellect that comparable to Senku, Xeno and Senku’s ideologies didn’t met, which resulted of their bloody confrontation. Xeno Wingfield was first introduced in the series as a villain that wants to kill Senku as a huge threat and hindrance to their plans in humanity. Xeno Wingfield wanted to rule over the Stone World, yet Senku wants to revive the old civilization, especially its people through science. After his defeat to Senku, Xeno had no choice but to help Senku with everything he know.

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Xeno Wingfield

Compare to Senku who created and built helpful things, Xeno built almost everything to make him fear by everyone such as guns, armors, aircrafts, and many other things, which was completely opposite to Senku. Despite of his lost to Senku, Xeno’s knowledge still more or less than Senku, knowing that Xeno worked in NASA for a long period of time.

1. Ishigami Senku

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Ishigami Senku

As the protagonist of the series and the one who established the ‘Kingdom of Science’, Ishigami Senku is undeniably the smartest characters throughout the whole series, especially when it comes to science.

At a young age, science was already piqued the interest of Senku, which also the reason of his brilliant mind in every aspects of science. Because of that, Senku built numbers of inventions along with his childhood friend, Taiju. Despite of his intellect that far from one could imagine, Senku doesn’t underestimate anyone, instead teach them without hesitation, which was the birth of ‘Kingdom of Science’.

Smartest characters in Dr Stone Ishigami Senku

What makes him more surprising was, he was just a high school student and studied almost everything about science on his own. Being petrified for thousands of years, Senku remained conscious and counted billions or trillions of seconds in order to have the proper flow of time. Regardless of how long he was petrified, his knowledge about science didn’t disappear, and still built numbers of things like Ships, Electricity, Medicine, and many other things, and especially, the ‘Revival Fluid’ that allows the person to unpetrified.


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