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Classroom of the Elite is a very popular series that hooked a lot of fans by its amazing high school life of the protagonist, Ayanokojie Kiyotaka. The series was originally based from the light novel that was written by Syougo Kinugasa and was illutrated by Shunsaku Tomose.

Classroom of the Elite revolves around the prestigious school that is owned by the Government, yet unlike any schools, Advanced Nurturing High School has different systems that far from one could imagine.

The genius protagonist, Ayanokojie Kiyotaka enrolled in Advanced Nurturing High School and finally achieved his freedom. Despite of his extraordinary intellect, he preferred to live a normal high school life and far from unnecessary attentions. Because of that, only few characters are still fully aware of what truly he is capable of. Because of that…

Here are the Top 10 Characters Who Know How Smart Ayanokojie is

10. Horikita Suzune

All students who know how smart Ayanokojie kiyotaka is Horikita Suzune

Horikita Suzune is the female protagonist of the anime adaptation and became the class leader of Class D, the class considered as the most defective. Despite of her being in Class D, Horikita Suzune is undeniably one of the smartest student throughout the whole school.

She was the first one who realized how smart Ayanokojie is after she was used by him as a cover in the Uninhabited Island Exam(V3). Later on, she considered Ayanokojie as her first friend. Compare to other students, Horikita is one of the characters who has the most interaction to Ayanokojie and slowly learning who truly Ayanokojie is, especially after the latest released of the ligh novel (Y2V4.5), where she realized how Ayanokojie beaten Ryuen on his own.

All students who know how smart Ayanokojie kiyotaka is Horikita Suzune

In spite of their relationship as a classmate and ally, she’s still doesn’t recognize by Ayanokojie and hid every of his actions to her. After knowing how capable truly is, she wants to be acknowledge by him, to the point that she wants to help him no matter what the situation.

9. Amasawa Ichika

All students who know how smart Ayanokojie kiyotaka is Amasawa Ichika

Amasawa Ichika is the female version of Ayanokojie, knowing that they came from the same place where they was born and constructed. Because of that, Ichika already knew Ayanokojie even if she still doesn’t meet him personality, until she also enrolled in Advance Nurturing High School.

Her existence might be still mystery to a lot of people because she wasn’t introduce in the anime adaptation. Ichika Amasawa is younger by a year, making a junior to Ayanokojie and others. Before she enroll in her current school, Amasawa came from the facility where Ayanokojie gained all of his knowledge that he brought to Advanced Nurturing High School, yet chose to hide it.

All students who know how smart Ayanokojie kiyotaka is Amasawa Ichika

Her main reason for transferring in Advanced Nurturing High School was because of Ayanokojie and bring him back where he is truly belong. Because of their same environment, Ichika also possess incredible intellect and especially, fighting skill that she used to defeat Horikita and Ibuki on her own. Ichika is undeniably similar to Ayanokojie, yet compare to abilities, Ichika still is inferior.

8. Katsuragi Kohei

All students who know how smart Ayanokojie kiyotaka is Katsuragi Kohei

Katsuragi Kohei was one of the members of Class A and was once led the whole class. But after he failed miserably, he lost most of his followers. Despite of his lost, Katsuragi is undoubtedly a one of the smartest in the school that was acknowledged by Sakayanagi, and especially, Ayanokojie himself.

Unlike any other leaders such as Ryuen and Sakayanagi, Katsuragi play his cards in a good way and doesn’t play outside the rules because of his cautious personality. Katsuragi only realized Ayanokojie’s capabilities after he transferred to Ryuen’s class and became an ally to Ryuen. He still doesn’t saw Ayanokojie in action unlike Ryuen, yet because of Ayanokojie’s popularity as time goes by, he was convinced by Ryuen(Y2V4.5).

Because of that, he told Ayanokojie that he wants to fight him without hiding any of his abilities, knowing that Ayanokojie also one of the reason of his lost, especially during the first Uninhabited Island Exam, where Ayanokojie acted behind the scenes.

7. Shiina Hiyori

All students who know how smart Ayanokojie kiyotaka is Shiina Hiyori

Shiina Hiyori is one of the classmates of Ryuen, and later on, became friends with Ayanokojie after their unexpected interaction. Ryuen’s class was known for being full of delinquents, yet Shiina Hiyori is far different from them.

Despite of being in Class C, Shiina Hiyori is a smart and humble student. Unlike others, she doesn’t want every classes to compete with each other, because it prevent every students in every classes to be friends with other classes. Because of her abilities, Shiina Hiyori is one of the few students whom Ryuen respect, to the point that she doesn’t consider her as a pawn. Shiina Hiyori realized that Ayanokojie is extremely smart just based from her own observations, which Ayanokojie didn’t deny to her. After their numbers of interactions, Ayanokojie considered her as a friend and Hiyori referred to him as a ‘Book Buddy’.

6. Ibuki Mio

All students who know how smart Ayanokojie kiyotaka is Ibuki Mio

Just like Shiina, Ibuki Mio is also from the Ryuen’s class, which is full of delinquents and rule breaker students. Compare to Shiina, Ibuki truly is completely opposite of her because of her wild attitude. Ibuki Mio was already introduced in the anime adaptation of light novel as a spy to Class D in Uninhabited Island Exam.

Ibuki Mio isn’t a smart student, yet extremely strong when it comes to physical combat. Having a knowledge when it comes to martial arts, Ibuki Mio often settle things through physical. Ibuki Mio saw how powerful Ayanokojie during the rooftop incident in the Volume 7 of light novel after they had overpowered by Ayanokojie alone. Ryuen, Albert, Ishizaki, and her doesn’t even stand a chance against him. What makes it more interesting was when Ayanokojie revealed that he was the student moving behind the shadows of Horikita, which resulted of bloody confrontation.

All students who know how smart Ayanokojie kiyotaka is Ibuki Mio

5. Takuya Yagami

All Students Who Know How Smart Ayanokojie is Takuya Yagami

Takuya Yagami is one of the newly transferred in Advanced Nurturing High School that was also ordered to expel Ayanokojie Kiyotaka. Just like Ichika, he came from the place where Ayanokojie was born and constructed to become a genius. He is a student of Class A that also hide his true potential in order to avoid unnecessary attentions.

After the released of the light novel Year 2 Volume 4.5, a lot of details about him was revealed, and especially of him being the White Room student. Because of that, Yagami’s abilities are undoubtedly extraordinary, just like almost everyone in White Room. Despite of being both ordered to expel Ayanokojie, Ichika went against the orders and protected Ayanokojie. On the other hand, Takuya Yagami wanted to go back to White Room as soon as possible. Because of that, Takuya and Ichika had a disagreement.

Takuya already did numbers of plans to expel Ayanokojie, yet all of them failed. Because of that, he was enlightened how smart truly Ayanokojie is and decided to fight him head on if there’s a chance. Compare to others who admire Ayanokojie because of his capabilities, Takuya Yagami wanted to antagonize him.

4. Horikita Manabu

All students who know how smart Ayanokojie kiyotaka is Horikita Manabu

Horikita Manabu was the former Student Council President of Advanced Nurturing High School that understand how smart Ayanokojie is after he saw how Ayanokojie scored 50/100 to all of his exams intentionally. Because of that, Ayanokojie piqued his interest amd later on, they became an ally to each other.

Just from his last name, Horikita Manabu is the older brother of Horikita Suzune, yet wasn’t close to each other back then. Horikita Manabu is one of the dignified and respected student throughout the whole school for all the things he had done. Because of that, it surprised everyone of how he competed with Ayanokojie who was in Class D in the Volume 5 of Light Novel.

All students who know how smart Ayanokojie kiyotaka is Horikita Manabu

Horikita Manabu and Ayanokojie worked together numbers of times and trust each other, to the point that Manabu would wait and help Ayanokojie even if they already had graduated. What makes it more funny was, before he left the school, he said that he wouldn’t mind if his younger sister end up with Ayanokojie, yet Ayanokojie said it’s not possible.

3. Ryuen Kakeru

All students who know how smart Ayanokojie kiyotaka is Ryuen Kakeru

Ryuen Kakeru is one of the class leaders and known because of how terrifying he is. Unlike any other students, Ryuen led the class through dictatorship, and especially, violence. Despite of all the fears which his classmates feel towards him, Ryuen truly care about his class, yet can’t show it in a good way.

Ever since Class D won the first Uninhabited Island Exam in Volume 3, Ryuen was already suspected that there’s was someone hiding behind the scenes that used Horikita as a cover. Later in the Volume 7 of light novel, Ryuen and Ayanokojie confronted each other that resulted of him being aware of Ayanokojie’s true talent and identity.

All students who know how smart Ayanokojie kiyotaka is Ryuen Kakeru

Ryuen didn’t just saw how he was outsmarted by Ayanokojie, but also how they were beaten by him alone physically. Ever since that day, Ryuen’s class, especially Ryuen himself stopped to disturb Class D.

2. Karuizawa Kei

All students who know how smart Ayanokojie kiyotaka is Karuizawa Kei

Karuizawa Kei is one of the students in Class D, and known for being the female central figure of the class. What makes her existence to the series interesting was, she is the first ever girlfriend of Ayanokojie after Ayanokojie had confessed to her. In spite of their romantic relationship, they kept it hidden for a long time until they find the right time to announce it in public.

Her first interaction to Ayanokojie was undeniably cruel after Ayanokojie had manipulated her using her past that she doesn’t want to remember. Despite of that, she slowly became close to Ayanokojie after she was saved by him numbers of times. A lot of fans wondered why Ayanokojie chose Karuizawa over Horikita when Horikita was undeniably smarter than her. Ayanokojie stated that Karuizawa was more useful and superior compare to Horikita who acts on her own, knowing that Karuizawa has a broad connections because of her popularity.

All students who know how smart Ayanokojie kiyotaka is Karuizawa Kei

At first, Ayanokojie saw Karuizawa as just a tool, just like anybody else, yet slowly changing after all the things they had encountered. Because of that, Karuizawa and Ayanokojie did a lot of things for the class even though behind the scenes and follow orders for the sake of the class. Ayanokojie once promised to her that he won’t let anything happen to her, which Ayanokojie fulfilled.

1. Sakayanagi Arisu

All students who know how smart Ayanokojie kiyotaka is Sakayanagi Arisu

Sakayanagi Arisu is the leader of Class A after she dethroned Katsuragi from leading the class. Unlike any students, Sakayanagi is one of the few characters who know him since Ayanokojie was still a little. According to her, she wants to defeat geniuses, especially those fake geniuses. After meeting Ayanokojie for the second time, Sakayanagi didn’t hesitate to fight him until the graduation comes.

She is the noticable student who always has a cane in her hand, knowing that she was born with a crippled leg. Despite of that, it didn’t stop her from being one of the most terrifying students throughout the whole school. Just like Ryuen, Sakayanagi doesn’t care about her methods, as long that she could obtain what she wants even if she sacrifice student on her way. Sakayanagi is one of the students who was acknowledged by Ayanokojie for being smart, to the point that her intellect could be equal or more than what a ‘White Room’ could provide.

All students who know how smart Ayanokojie kiyotaka is Sakayanagi Arisu

Sakayanagi and Ayanokojie was already teamed up behind the scenes and help each other numbers of times. Ever since Sakayanagi saw Ayanokojie in the White Room, Sakayanagi was already captivated by him and considered as Ayanokojie as the only person who can defeat her.


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