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I am simple and introverted student who do blogging to make use of my hobby, which is watching anime. I started anime when I was in Grade 10 of my High School when my one of friend suggested me to watch a certain anime series. Later on, after I finished it, I was hooked and captivated by it and I started watching some of the anime I saw on social media such as Seven Deadly Sins, Haikyuu, Tokyo Ghoul and many other anime that I find interesting, nonetheless, of course I don’t let my studies get affected by it and continued being a good student. I been anime for a long time now and made it one of my hobbies. When I realized that I can earn money through blogging, I told to myself “Why not?” and because of that I made anime as my niche and watch videos about blogging to at least improve my writing skills as a blogger and make readers find my blogs enjoyable. If possible, I want to make it bigger as time goes by and can call it one of my achievements in life.

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